Aug 2016: List of Equity Mutual Fund Returns & Up/Down Capture Ratios

Here is the August 2016 list of equity mutual fund lump sum and SIP returns; upside capture, downside capture and capture ratios over 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 year periods.

I am slowly developing a portal that lists mutual fund metrics for screening/analysis with a monthly update.

The seeds for this were sown earlier with a listing of downside capture ratio of all mid-cap equity mutual funds and the publication of a tool to compare your mid-cap fund performance with category peers.

Pranav Date played a key role in making this listing possible. He wrote a code to match the Value Research fund name and category with appropriate AMFI scheme code. This is a crucial step as it would be very difficult to manually do this for 387 equity funds.

The next step is to assign a benchmark for each category. This is controversial as one can argue that the upside and downside capture ratios should be calculated only with the benchmark used by the AMC. However, considering that we are going to relatively evaluate them, using one benchmark per category is not a terrible idea, as long as the choice is reasonable.

I will leave it you to judge if these choices are okay. If there are objections, I am happy to re-calculate with a revised benchmark. More total returns indices have been added this month.

DescriptionCategoryBenchmark used
BankingEQ-BANKCNX Bank Nifty
Infrastructure fundsEQ-INFRACNX Infra
international fundsEQ-INTLNifty-TRI
Large CapEQ-LCNifty Value 20
Mid CapEQ-MCBSE-midcap-TRI
Multi CapEQ-MLCNifty Low Volatility 50
PharmaEQ-PHBSE Healthcare TRI
Small CapEQ-SCBSE Small Cap TRI
Tax planning or ELSSEQ-TPNifty Low Volatility 50

You can read more about the choice of benchmarks here: Nifty Strategy Indices as Mutual Fund Benchmarks

Out of the 287 equity funds, data for 34 funds could not be calculated (this list can be found along with the full list). Out of this 34, 14 of them are ETFs. I shall try and reduce this number in future releases.

Here are a couple of screenshots

equity-mutual-fund-listing-1 equity-mutual-fund-listing-2

Users can use the sort option to list only the category that they want.


Do let me know if you have any feedback.

Aug 2016: Download the freefincal equity mutual fund risk-reward listing

July 2016: Download the freefincal equity mutual fund risk-reward listing

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14 thoughts on “Aug 2016: List of Equity Mutual Fund Returns & Up/Down Capture Ratios

  1. Maithra

    This is very very helpful Pattu sir. I am a newbie to investment. using your blogs and calculators me and my husband have started monthly sip. This monthly evaluation is good start towards review.
    Thanks a ton

  2. shrikant

    Dear Pattu - Reliance Regular Savings fund - debt option Scheme -dividend payout
    how 7 what is tax treatment in this scheme? either as equity or debt?
    wat will be tax rates? pl clarify.

  3. Dinesh Singh

    What is the Date with reference to which the returns have been calculated? It should be specified to remove ambiguity.

    1. freefincal

      The last NAV date chosen was 26th Aug 2016. So 1Y return refers to an investment made 1Y ago and so on. I shall include this from next months listing.

  4. Dinesh Singh

    8Y ret and 9Y ret figures for EQ-LC Benchmark NV20 are also missing.

    Please also clarify whether Upside, Downside and Capture Ratio figures are for SIP or Lumpsum returns.


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