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Freefincal was born this week four years ago! A post to say 'thank you' to all friends, well-wishers and readers who have keep it alive.

The site which was started as a repository for Excel calculators is constantly evolving into a portal that tries to understand investor behaviour and requirements. This is possible only because of a supportive community. Without which it would have died a silent death. Read more: journey so far.

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A short note on how the lure of online revenue prompts bloggers to generate irresponsible content via sponsored native ads.  There are many ways in which online revenue can be generated. The most popular among them is to install Google Adsense and letting Google spy on your browsing habits and serve up “relevant ads”.  Although I personally dislike this, there is nothing irresponsible about this.

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Dear reader, can you please suggest topics for me to blog about?. I am not asking because of 'writers block' after 541 posts.  Recognising common issues/problems faced by investors and associated FAQ is not my strong suit.

More than half the posts published so far stem from my own curiosity. I  rarely speak or interact with friends, relatives or readers about money management (aside from the workshops where personal interaction is minimal).  Therefore, I think it is time that I expanded my horizon and dealt with generic problems faced by readers.

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Asan Ideas for wealth (AIFW) is a Facebook group on personal finance, run by Ashal Jauhari. I have been a 'active' member there for a little more than 2 years now. Here are some things the group has taught me.

  1. If you spend too much time in a forum, people tend to think (incorrectly) that you are one of the administrators and  that most of your blog traffic comes from there
  2. Free lunch is a dish best served hot for most people. The search option is rarely used.
  3. Do not argue with a closed mind. If you do, call yourself a *%$# and never repeat that mistake.
  4. I am yet to understand why only 10% of members are 'active' and what the others, especially members from the financial services are doing.
  5. Balaji Swaminathan is a search engine expert (among other things).
  6. Captain A. K. Anand has an extraordinary memory
  7. Sundaram Anathakrishnan is the most perceptive person I have met, and can see through a person quite quickly.
  8. Ashal Jauhari is a monk (munk, if you are Goundamani fan)
  9. People change their profile pictures. So remember names. Mandatory for pt. 3.
  10. 'What others are doing' is a hot topic in a 'personal' finance forum.
  11. Do not assume everyone who posts will understand abbreviations like MDBSC and taglines like "Nike" --> 'Just do it'  and "Hero Honda" --> fill it, shut it, forget it!
  12. People who don't have any conflict of interest are the first (and perhaps the only ones) to understand what it means!

That is more than ten. My bad, I should have known how inspiring AIFW is for a blogger.  There is more, much of it unfit for public consumption.

Let me take this opportunity to thank all the friends I have made through AIFW despite my caustic nature.  Thank you for your support. Thank you for understanding what I am trying to say.

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I am delighted to announce that the community forum for DIY investors is now open for business! As of now it is a sub-domain of freefincal with an easy to remember url:


Here is an extract of the read me first page

DIY refers to ‘Do it yourself’. This forum is an online community of investors who would like to manage their money on their own!

The aim of the forum can be summed up the popular adage, which in its original form reads:

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