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My new book with Subra(money.com) is now available on Kindle at the Amazon.com and Amazon.in websites. Many readers were waiting for this and I thank them for their patience.  You can read small sample below.

Please do use the book which asks the right questions and provides simple solutions on money management. Then you can  use the nine online calculator modules associated with the book to obtain personalised answers.

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As you know, You Can be Rich with Goal Based Investing is my new book with Subra(money.com). In this post, I would like to list some resoucres associated with the book. These can be accessed by everyone: those who have purchased the book, those who are about to 🙂 and those who do not wish 🙁 - perhaps this might change their minds.

Thanks to your generous support, the book has climbed to the top 10 amazon bestsellers list (business:self-help category), reaching number 1 and has stayed in the top 10 for the last week or so.

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Here is a two-minute video trailer and a dedicated web page containing the details of my new book with Subra(money.com), "You can be rich too with goal-based investing". The book is currently available for pre-order at online stores like Amazon.in, Flipkart, Bookadda and Sapnaonline.

First a big thank you to all our friends and readers who have ordered the book. Within 24 hours, it hit the no 5 amazon bestseller list! Naturally for a brief while, but that is something is it not! You should start receiving the book within about two weeks. Do review the book at Amazon or Flipkart. I cannot wait to know what you think about it. 🙂

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Here is a list of links to pre-order You Can Be Rich With Goal-based Investing: A book by Subra & Pattu.

The cover price is Rs. 399.

Amazon.in Rs. 359. No shipping charges.

Flipkart: Rs. 359.

Bookadda Rs. 371. A discount of Rs. 28. No shipping charges.

Infibeam Rs. 307. Discount = Rs. 92. Shipping of Rs. 40 will apply if you just buy one copy 🙂 (ie less than Rs. 500)

Sapnaonline.com Rs. 371. Further slashed to Rs. 339. No shipping charges.

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Dear reader, I am pleased to announce that my new book co-authored with P V Subramanyam (subramoney.com) is now available for pre-order. The book is titled: You Can Be Rich With Goal-based Investing.

What is the objective of the book?

The book is Subra's vision and conceived a few years ago. In fact, in his very first phone call, Subra mentioned this idea: A "how-to" book with the text discussing the right questions to be asked, simple answers to these questions and a set of calculators in which the reader can provide personalised inputs to obtain answers.

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