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My second book, Gamechanger: Forget Start-ups, Join Corporate and Still Live the Rich Life you wantco-authored with Pranav Surya is now available at Amazon as paperback (₹ 199) and Kindle (free in unlimited or ₹ 129 - you could read with their free app on PC/tablet/mobile, no kindle necessary).

What does the book offer?

This step by step guide to your version of the Rich Life includes:
- How your attitude toward money should move over from 'past looking' to 'future focusing'
- How to find mistake fares to Europe, Pacific and Far East and make that extended 4-day weekend, Thai trip for under 10k INR
- Years of research resulting in 40 resources of 'free and cheap accommodations' for vacations
- How credit cards can help you lower home-loan payments
- Tried-and-tested scripts to negotiate down credit card, Phone and Internet Bills - How to setup the cash flow, so that you can make Diwali, Birthdays and other repetitive expenditures, a breeze
- How to make big purchases like a home or a car - a walk in the park
- How to invest for your retirement with peanut money now
- Enjoy guilt-free irrational spending while also being responsible over the future Automate every part of your money life All this and much more, designed within a 5-week framework to make you the happiest person alive! read more


A big "thank you"  to all readers for your support in the launch of GameChanger and its companion Travel training kit. The book -kindle and hardcopy (pre-order) will list on Amazon this week.  GameChanger (hardcopy_ is now available for ₹279 (249 +30 for shipping) and the Travel Training Kit is available for immediate download for ₹199. Users who have read the kit over the weekend will attest that it is still a bargain at 199.  Or you can buy both for ₹349 read more


If you’ve been through the last few posts, you’ll know that my new book co-authored with Pranav Surya is out for pre-order and we’re running a crazy small experiment of eliminating the middleman (aka Amazon). This enables us to provide you the book at a discounted price of 180 as compared to 249 on Amazon (starts retailing there on Monday). In contrast to what many people tell when they sell a product - “Buy mine because it’s the best”, we are gong to do a small U-turn and give you a few reasons why you shouldn’t buy the book. read more


GameChanger, my new book with Pranav Surya is now available for pre-order at an exclusive price of Rs. 180 (ends May 21st) before it retails at Amazon next week for Rs. 249  (plus shipping). We now announce a comprehensive travel training kit that can be availed for only Rs. 85 extra if ordered before Sunday, May 21st midnight. Grab this offer now!

Is the book Gamechanger right for you?

Yesterday I told you about mistake fares that I use to book my vacation flights and now I want to tell you more about the book that we put together to help you live the Rich Life you want (really, we do). read more


In this post, my GameChanger co-author, Pranav Surya offers a sneak peak into the book.  The hard copy is now available for pre-order for just Rs. 180 (offer closes Sunday 21st midnight)  before it retails at Amazon Rs. 249 from Monday. We also have two exciting add-ons at a small additional cost. This will be announced tomorrow. Get your copy now!

A few years ago, I was dumping one Pani puri after another into my already crumpled little mouth. This was the first time my father had taken the family on a trip that wasn’t organised by a tour operator. And this was the first time we were in Darjeeling. Stomach filled, I ran around like a bumble bee filled with joy. read more