Here is a two-minute video trailer and a dedicated web page containing the details of my new book with Subra(money.com), "You can be rich too with goal-based investing". The book is currently available for pre-order at online stores like Amazon.in, Flipkart, Bookadda and Sapnaonline.

First a big thank you to all our friends and readers who have ordered the book. Within 24 hours, it hit the no 5 amazon bestseller list! Naturally for a brief while, but that is something is it not! You should start receiving the book within about two weeks. Do review the book at Amazon or Flipkart. I cannot wait to know what you think about it. 🙂

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Here is a list of links to pre-order You Can Be Rich With Goal-based Investing: A book by Subra & Pattu.

The cover price is Rs. 399.

Amazon.in Rs. 359. No shipping charges.

Flipkart: Rs. 359.

Bookadda Rs. 371. A discount of Rs. 28. No shipping charges.

Infibeam Rs. 307. Discount = Rs. 92. Shipping of Rs. 40 will apply if you just buy one copy 🙂 (ie less than Rs. 500)

Sapnaonline.com Rs. 371. Further slashed to Rs. 339. No shipping charges.

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Dear reader, I am pleased to announce that my new book co-authored with P V Subramanyam (subramoney.com) is now available for pre-order. The book is titled: You Can Be Rich With Goal-based Investing.

What is the objective of the book?

The book is Subra's vision and conceived a few years ago. In fact, in his very first phone call, Subra mentioned this idea: A "how-to" book with the text discussing the right questions to be asked, simple answers to these questions and a set of calculators in which the reader can provide personalised inputs to obtain answers.

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