Freefincal Q & A: Saving vs Spending – What is the purpose of life?

Each week, I try and answer generic questions from readers. Here is this weeks edition. You can use the form below to ask your question.

Announcement: As part of Diwali sales, my first book: You can be Rich Too with Goal-Based Investing is available for a 21% discount (rs. 316) at Amazon and at a discount of 37% (Rs. 251) at FlipkartYou can also get my second book Gamechanger for Rs. 199 (Kindle Rs. 100) at Amazon read more

Plan to Quit As Soon As You Start Working!

It was when my seven-year-old son declared that he wanted to be a fruit seller that I realised that the …. er … apple has not fallen far from the tree! Yes, I too had similar aspirations and I nurtured it for years until I heard the plight of a pharmacist. In this post, I discuss why we all need a plan to quit, as soon as we start working.

This was first published a few months ago when my second book was about to be published. I thought the titular topic is worth a revisit. read more

Freefincal Q & A plus the robo template feature slide show

In this week’s Q/A, check out an upcoming robo template feature slide show.  Plumbline: a list of hand picked mutual funds was received with mixed response. It was welcomed by most and criticised as biased and anti-diy by a few (see comments in the post).

Regular readers would attest to the fact that I am highly pig-headed and opinionated about all aspects of financial services. So yes, Plumbline will carry my bias. However, that bias is not motivated by a profit of any kind. Many of the funds in the list are in my portfolio too. So it reflects (as it should) my fund selection process. Once the robo template is published in a couple of days, it should become clear as to why I had to come up with a list. read more

Freefincal Q & A plus Ajit Dayal’s Quantum Leap

So the big news is that Ajit Dayal has resigned, for unknown reasons, as the Director of Quantum AMC and from the Board Investment Committee last week (22nd Aug).  Before we get to the questions by readers, what now for Quantum? Should I worry about Quantum Long Term Equity (QLTE)?

Dayal’s letter,short on substance gets a bit emotional “Had I been on that plane (which crashed in Feb 1990), Quantum would have been in existence for 14 short, uneventful days – and there would be no one to fight for you in the mutual fund industry!”. So it is impossible not to speculate that he has been forced out. read more

Freefincal Q & A: Investing a lump sum; Annuities; Asset allocation

Each week, I try and answer generic questions on personal finance. You can use the form below to ask your question. Here is this week’s edition.

Siva: Hi Sir, I have started a LIC policy (Jeevan Anand for 20 year period) as a last minute tax saving option 6 years back. I am paying 27000 P.A as premium. I have used this for 80c exemption for the last 6 years. I have few questions on closing this policy 1) Do I need to pay tax for last 6 years. 2) Do I need to pay tax for the amount I get back from LIC this year 3) I know they wont give back 27K*6 as closure amount, What is the normal range I can expect read more