Freefincal Q/A 1: I wish to invest. Where do I Start?

Each week I try and answer generic questions on personal finance. Here is part one of this week’s edition. You can use the form below to ask your questions.

Shrirang: Sir, I have my home loan currently going on which will be completed end of the year. The EMI costs about 40% of my current salary. My current expenses are about 35% of my current salary. I am looking to start doing investment for my retire plan. How could i start to proceed? Your help is appreciated. read more

Freefincal Q/A: “I am feeling dejected that i am unable to invest required amount for my Retirement”

Each week I try to answer generic questions from readers. Here is this weeks edition. You can use the form below to ask your questions.

Before we look at the features of the sheet, two quick announcements:

  1. V Ramesh, CEO of MF Utility will be joining Ashal and me at the Pune Investor Meet on Feb 26th. You can register via here. Only a few seats left.
  2. My book with PV Subramanyam, You Can Be Rich Too With Goal Based Investing is now available at a massive 30% discount of Rs. 278/- from amazon.

Ramamurthy: On account of advancing age the problem of signature mismatch is arising especially with redemption requests from mutual funds.Is there any way by which I can redeem either part or full from mutual funds without signing the redemption request letter, please? read more

What is the guarantee that MF will always give positive returns and beat inflation 10 years or above?

Each week I try and answer generic questions from readers. Here is this weeks edition. If you have a question, you can use the form below and I will address it next week (if I can).

Abhi: Hello Mr. Pattabhiraman, Trust you are doing good! In the first chapter of your book “You can be rich too” (Chapter: “Where are you today”) you introduce the concepts of one’s Networth, income statement, cash flow statement & goal sheet. Your workbook for the chapter also asks the reader to prepare them. I found the Networth calculator (this is part of the nine calculator modules that come with the book). However, there seem to be no templates for income statement or cash flow statement. Even the help section of the site doesn’t talk about these two statements. Are they not necessary? If they are required for later stages of financial planning, can you please share the link to such tools that you may have developed? Look forward to hearing from you Abhi read more

Freefincal Q & A: Franklin Prima Fund vs Franklin Smaller Companies Fund

I continue answering questions from readers. You can use the form below to post your question. I will take it up next week.

Recent Market Volatility

Zalak Shah: Hello sir, in past 2 years there has been volatility in market due to Chinese slow down, Brexit, US elections,etc I have sip of rs12000 in ipru discovery, Idfc premier, Franklin flexicap & UTI MNC (all growth option)….Still my portfolio is growing at 6.40℅ xirr…… Sip’s are for long term,It’s just the quarterly review in returns which is worrying me. read more

As long as decent returns are generated, why worry about portfolio risk?

Each week, I try and answer generic questions from readers. Here is part one of this week’s edition.  If you have a question, please use the form below. Please note that I will not provide specific investment advice and/or product suggestions.

Pattu Sir, can any MF CAGR could be 24%? How can i get returns about real estate from some website or so like for equity and MF. I want to check YoY returns of the Real Estate especially in Bangalore? Krishnapratap read more