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I continue answering reader queries received last week. You can enter your questions in the form below and I will discuss this next week. I encourage questions that require some analysis.

Hi Pattu, This is to plan for new born female child. How to plan for her Post graduation (21 years away) and marriage(26 years away) goals which are greater than my retirement goal.(20 years). I am currently 40 years , planning to retire by 60 years. - Vandhi read more


Each week I try to answer generic reader questions on money management.  Here is this weeks edition.

Hi Sir, I follow your blog regularly - you helped in a great deal choosing the right funds as per goals. Now, my question is - when is a good time for a retail investor to consider portfolio management scheme(PMS) and what are some of the good PMS providers in India? What should be my selection criteria in selecting the correct PMS? Thank you. read more

In this weeks freefincal Q/A, we discuss matters ranging from last year's star ELSS fund to portfolio rebalancing. Before we get to the questions, a quick mention that the Q/A is a feature in which I address generic questions from readers. You can use the form below to ask your questions. I will address them next week. I was supposed to do a video response, but my cold has not let up. So that will have to wait. read more


Many investors worry that they would lose the benefit of compounding or growth if they switch mutual funds. A discussion on why is not true as part of the freefincal Q/A. As mentioned last week, I will respond to reader queries each Saturday. I was supposed to make a video response, but I don't quite feel up to it. So I thought I will respond in text. You can use the form below to enter your questions for next week. read more