Recurring Deposit Calculator: Annualized Yield

Annualized yield is a notion associated most often with fixed deposits.  Many of us do not realize that it could be used with recurring deposits as well.

It can be, and is used by many banks. FD yield though misleading, is at least correctly calculated.

I am very uncomfortable with the way RD yield is calculated and used by banks.  The value advertised seems to correspond only to the first monthly instalment and is therefore naturally high! read more

Share-alike and Copyleft: List of Free Personal Finance Calculators

Here is a list of all the Excel-based free personal finance calculators available for download in the blog. This list will be available in a separate page in the navigation menu.

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Online RD Calculator

Here is the online version of recurring deposit calculator on Microsoft’s Exel Web app. Thanks to reader Srinivas, I was able to correct a minor bug.

I tried to convert it to Google Docs, but some cells showed incorrect values. This is quite disturbing because if one does not check each cell carefully then the results could be wrong.

I tried the Excel web app instead and found it much easier to use online. Do let me know what you think. Here is the Direct Link read more

Calculator Update: Variable/flexible Recurring Deposit Calculator

Note: The variable RD calculator gives the total post-tax interest. I have assumed that only the variable payments are subject to a penalty. That is if a variable payment is not made before a certain date (reader Srinivas says it is 10th in his case) then interest on the variable payment for that month will not be paid.

There was an issue with interest calculation for each FY when the monthly payments become variable. So I had to remove the original download link. I am trying to resolve this. read more

Recurring Deposit Calculator

A recurring deposit (RD) is a terrific instrument for meeting important short-term goals. If I can claim to have some financial discipline it is because I observed my parents open RDs for meeting their short term goals ranging from paying insurance premium to my school fee. For the new generation of investors I guess the RD could be introduced  as a SIP in a debt fund with a predetermined rate of return! read more