Do not start dreaming of a bull run even IF exit polls are right!!

Published: May 20, 2019 at 7:23 pm

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So, happy about today’s market movement? Sorry, but you need to stop dreaming about a bull run even if the exit polls for the 2019 Lok Sabha elections are right, IF, that is.  Do watch this:

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  1. Simply superb, sir. No more words required, you have explained so beautifully that markers simply reacting to perception without any fundamental data to support it.

  2. Right said Pattu sir….You are not a ‘Kill Joy’ but a true Sanjay, who unmasks the self imposed mental blindness that envelopes most of us when a sudden jump happens in Nifty, not backed by solid corporate performance numbers….
    And, let me assure you Pattu sir, most of us who follow your blogs and web updates regularly are not punters but studious investors from lower middle class and middle class background who know how hard they had to slog to earn the money which they have invested in the market and are thus very careful and conservative and are in this space for a long term goal, surely stretching more than seven years and more minimum two market cycles, if not one…
    Your this video is a timely knock on the knuckle of disciplined investors. Regards, Dr. S. Hariharan.

  3. Pattu sir, you are indeed a killjoy.! The warning is indeed essential and is a shake up not to dream about returns from the market!

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