FD vs Debt Mutual Fund

Advantages of debt funds over fixed deposits Version I

Debt Mutual Fund vs. Fixed Deposit Comparator – Version II

Debt Mutual Funds vs. Fixed Deposits: Volatility Simulator


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11 thoughts on “FD vs Debt Mutual Fund

  1. Shyam


    Thanks for the wonderful calculators. Can you please put up a calculator for Variable Investment plan. I can find SIP calculators all around the net but no VIP calculators.


    1. pattu

      Thanks Shyam. I can make one. Trouble is ideally VIP calculators should consider month-wise data for many years. So that would be a LOT of data. But its possible.
      I am working on a few calculators now. Will get to this once I am done.

    1. pattu

      Roshini, Thanks. Can you elaborate a little more on your requirement? Comparing stg and dividend options can be tricky as it depends on the dividend amt and frequency. Both of these are unknown and unpredictable.

  2. Kumar

    Can you provide example of ITR2 form and calculations to be done for any short term and long term capital gains on Debt Mutual funds?

    1. pattu

      Hi Kumar,

      I will see what I can do. LTCG on Debt funds have been included in my FD vs Debt fund calculator.
      STCG is much simpler and therefore not exciting but I will give it a shot.

      1. Kumar

        I'm NOT able to invest in Debt mutual funds because I don't know how to calculate gains & then fill ITR2 for any LTCG and STCG that will arise of these investments.

        1. pattu

          Almost every AMC has a feature for calculating short term and long term capital gains. They will give you a nice and clear statement. So go ahead and invest!

  3. Kumar

    Main problem is how to fill the ITR 2. Like what values go in which cells in the ITR 2 excel sheet. I've used only ITR 1.


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