Five short videos from the freefincal youtube channel

Some readers may be aware that I have a youtube channel with about 2000 subscribers. I have finally overcome my laziness to make short 3-4 minute videos as suggested by several readers in the past. Here are four of them. Will try and do more in the coming weeks.

Before we begin, this is the link to a survey on how expensive our schools are. Please do participate. I shall post the results next week.

Did you read yesterdays post: Want to time the market with Nifty PE? Learn from Franklin Dynamic PE Fund

How to invest a lump sum in an equity mutual fund

Full article: How to invest a lump sum in an equity mutual fund?

What is portfolio construction and management?

Why can’t I invest in equity over the short term?

Full article: Want to be financially free? Do not count on frugality! Worry about sequence of returns risk!

What is portfolio rebalancing? Why is it important?

Full article: How to Rebalance Your Investment Portfolio

Should I invest in gold? Should gold be part of my portfolio?

Full article: Smart ways to accumulate gold for a marriage

Do explore the rest of the videos in the freefincal youtube channel and subscribe to it.

A reminder again to please participate in this anonymous survey on how expensive our schools are.

Do you have an idea for a video?

If so, please enter it here. Thank you.

5 thoughts on “Five short videos from the freefincal youtube channel

  1. Topic for short video: “Why tracking investment is intelligent ( or liberating ) than tracking expense? ” . I still do track expense as it gives handle into where money is going. May be… I did not understand what were conveying in your blog post by same title. However I think video mode would help capturing this opinion of yours …which will be useful for others to adopt.

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