Government Accepts Seventh Pay Commission Recommendations

The finance ministry releases a notification today that government has accepted the minimum pay, fitment Factor, index of rationalisation, pay matrices and other recommendations of the seventh pay commission*

* Some features of the defence pay matrix have not been accepted (page 21 here). A full list of all recommendations also can be found there.

The revised pay can be computed with Seventh Pay Commission Calculator: Pay Fixation with Pay Matrix

Pensioners can use: Seventh Pay Commission Revised Pension Calculation

Here is an illustration released by the finance ministry


A person drawing a current basic of Rs.12,560 will now draw Rs.  32,300

Steps to determine new pay

  1. Add current pay + grade pay*. This sum is your current basic pay.
  2. Multiply above sum by 2.57 and call this S. The report says use 2.57 for all cadres. However, in the pay matrix (see below) the multipier varies with grade pay. The calculator allows you to do both.
  3. Determine the level corresponding to your grade pay*
  4. In the column under your level find the number closest to S. This would be your new salary.
  5. (*) If the grade pay has been  recommended an increase in the report, use the new grade pay above instead of your old grade pay.
  6. Transport allowance and HRA has to be added to this. This is done as per the recommendations of the report.

Seventh Pay Commission Pay Fixation


Seventh Pay Commission Pay Matrix




The pay scale fitment is different for medical officers who get  non-practicing Allowance (NPA) and for those who got promoted between 1st Jan 2016 and when the actual pay revision is implemented. The rules for these employees can be found in the Revised Pay Rules 2016

14 thoughts on “Government Accepts Seventh Pay Commission Recommendations

  1. This is very erroneous notification from finance ministry. Firstly the fitment factor is 2.67 for level 10 and 2.77 for level 15 onwards as per pay matrix but they are writing 2.57 for all. They should at least updated the pay matrix accordlingly for 2.57. For our profession the grade pay varies 6000,7000 ..which is also missing in pay matrix.

    1. Sorry, you are wrong. The commission recommended a uniform fitment factor for all. See page 70 (on pdf file) of the report.

  2. “..A person drawing a current basic of Rs.12,560 will now draw Rs. 32,300…” Exorbitant hike! to say the least. Everyone else gets paid based on performance (of individual and of institution)

  3. Thanks for pointing out my mistake. I was confused with indexing factor for fixing the entry pay of each grade pay, with the fitment factor. Still the entry pays of grade pay of 6000, 7000, 8000 applicable for professor are missing. Do you have any idea when ministry will notify.

  4. One should not compare the new basic pay with the old, but with the old basic pay+ Dearness Allowance which has reached 125%! In other words actually the current salary is more than double the basic pay. In the example quoted by Shri Gunda, the current pay of the person is effectively not 12,560 but 12560+15700=28260. The real increase is therefore 4040 rupees.
    Perhaps the hike will not appear monstrous then!

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