Ten health benefits of drinking cocoa every day

Here are some health benefits of drinking cocoa every day. Readers may be aware that I occasionally discuss health and diet matters. If it is okay with you, I would like to do that a bit more. I have previously detailed my problems with weight and how with a low-carb, high-fat diet, I have lost significant weight. Cocoa is now part of daily diet and in fact my morning breakfast and evening “snack” these days. Its health benefits may urge you to consider it as well.

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How to consume cocoa?

Cocoa is not low-carb.  According to the USDA nutrition database, it has 57.90% Carbs.  So diabetics (no such thing as pre-diabetic) trying to regulate their metabolism should not consume it every day. On what dietdoctor.com calls a “liberal” low-carb, Cocoa works fine.

However, even here, milk should be avoided (esp by diabetic). I love milk, so use it daily for my hot chocolate. Dietdoctor has a mouthwatering recipe with cocoa + hot water + butter +vanilla essence. This is a fine breakfast replacement.

NO sugar!! Buy unsweetened natural cocoa (brand named below) and add no sugar to it. It will take some getting used to, so start slow.

health benefits of drinking cocoa
Photo Credit: San

Why you should consider drinking cocoa every day

1: It has enormous amounts of dietary fibre. So daily stools will not be a problem. Those with constipation, fissure and piles issues will defecate smoothly. This high fibre content helps process the high carb content (see videos linked in the posts above)

2: Great source of plant protein! Vegetarians can get 19.66 of protein per 100g.  Protein, as you may know, is essential for muscle maintenance, bone, cartilage and tissue. It will help regulate hormones and help in hair growth. Remember: Low carb diet implies a high protein and high-fat diet. Typically most of us consume about 60-75% carbs each day. Instead try 30-40% carbs, 20-30% proteins and rest fat. You will lose weight, less hungry and your body will thank you later.

3: It is a good source of Iron: 13.86 mg per 100 gm. If you have low Haemoglobin, you can try cocoa. Iron is essential for healthy red blood cells. Since I am on immunosuppressants for my Myasthenia Gravis (an auto-immune condition), cocoa helps regulate my iron levels.

4: Source of Magnesium: 499 mg per 100 gm.

More than 300 biochemical reactions in your body use magnesium (livestrong)

It regulates carbohydrate metabolism, bone density and muscle movement. The beauty about natural products is, if there is something harmful (carbs), the antidote is also packaged in – high fibre and magnesium. In processed products, we discard the antidote – the reason for weight gain.

5: Source of Potassium: 1524 mg per 100 gm. Regulates blood sugar, blood pressure, stress, muscle movement and more!

6: Low source of sodium: 21 mg per 100 gm. We get it from other sources So low is good here!

7: Low in natural sugar: Only 1.75 gm per 100 gm. Sugar is toxic. So again less is good.

8 High in manganese: 3.827 mg per 100 gm. Multiple benefits include bone health, anti-inflammatory, calcium absorption etc.

9 High in copper: 3.788 mg per 100 gm. Again multiple benefits: brain simulation, cell growth, anti-arthritis etc.

10 High in Theobromine: 2057 mg per 100 gm (and only 230 mg of caffeine). Theobromine will make you feel a bit happy and relaxed (caffeine makes you alert) and is good for blood pressure.

Cocoa also has many flavanoids – a type of antioxidants. Their health benefits are under debate though.

Is Cocoa habit forming?

After almost a year of regular use, I would say no. Coffee is more habit-forming than cocoa. In fact, at times I have chosen coffee over cocoa out of a sense of longing.

Which brand cocoa should I buy?

I would recommend Looms and Weaves natural cocoa. This is from Kerala and we can support local farmers this way. I have also tried Hershey’s unsweetened cocoa, but once you get used to the Looms and Weaves taste, there is no going back.

We have now introduced this cocoa to our 8-year old (with a little sugar though).

You can get it from Amazon.

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10 thoughts on “Ten health benefits of drinking cocoa every day

  1. Sir, after reading your posts on health,I stopped taking using sugar both in coffee and tea.purchased cocoa powder started using it with milk …Can we completely replace breakfast with glass of cocoa milk?
    Thank you

    1. Good to know that and good for you! Cocoa+ milk may or may not be enough for everyone. I would suggest including 2-3 spoons of good quality coconut oil along with or separately. This will hold you for about 2-3 hours depending on your activity. You are likley to get hungry at least 1 hour before lunch. You can try tea or coffee without sugar or handful of peanuts (roasted), or almonds (raw) or walnuts (raw).

  2. SIR,

    1. Thank you! Just mix one tea spoon in hot milk and stir briskly. That is it. You can gradually increase the quantity if you want.

  3. Pattu Sir,
    Liked this idea very much to talk on Health topics as well. This reminded me Dr. David Eifrig who publishes Health
    Wealth articles here – https : // stansberryresearch dot com / products / retirement-millionaire
    Dr. David Eifrig Jr., MD, MBA, is the perfect editor for a unique advisory letter like Retirement Millionaire. He started his career trading derivatives at Goldman Sachs for more than a decade. In 1995, he decided to switch careers and left Wall Street to become a medical doctor. Now he’s doing what he loves best… advising others on improving their health, managing their money, and how to enjoy a prosperous retirement.

    So that way, you are our “Dr. David”. Thank you very much.

  4. i may be diabetic, as you say, there is no such thing as ‘ pre diabetic’. So i am alert after reading your earlier post on LCHF diet. i reduced sugar intake, increased fat by taking walnuts and almonds daily, but i couldn’t try cocoa though i think, as never taken earlier without sugar at home. but after reading it having so many micros i must try. thank you for writing on healthy food. —-bharat shah

  5. Thanks for your articles (both finance related and this diet). Even though i did not take LCHF seriously via your article about year ago…I got into this way of eating about 6 months ago ( via other sources) and am off medicines now and reduced 16.5 Kgs without cravings and lot more mental and physical energy.
    As per my search Cacao (raw form of CoCoa and not much processed) seems to be more healthier ( based on experience of using for past 1 month)..
    What is your stance on Cacao instead of Cocoa?

  6. Hi Sir

    A very informative article. I’m regular drinker of cocoa (Hersheys brand you cited) and I use 1 tsp raw honey instead of sugar with milk. Tastes great. Also sometimes I add a pinch of red pepper powder.

    I’m from Kerala, thanks for introducing me to looms and weaves.

    Varun Kamath

  7. After reading your old blog on diet. I bought the Loomes and weaves Cocoa powder from Amazon. This one is really superb. I think the only one in Indian market without sugar.

    Its been more than 3 months I replaced Milk+Boost+white sugar with Milk+Jagerry (Naatu Sarkarai) + Cocoa for my two kids and they love it.

    Did not know these many benefits are there in Cocoa.Thanks for post on Health too. Keep writing in this genre also..

  8. Thank you Professor for educating us with Health articles. I cut down sugar after you said, now will try this cocoa too.

    You are a great teacher.

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