How to eat a healthy breakfast without cooking! Low-carb, high-fat breakfast recipes

Published: March 31, 2018 at 11:18 am

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Want to try out some healthy breakfast ideas without any cooking? Readers may be aware that I have discussed how one can lose weight without exercising by following two simple rules: (1) Eat only when hungry and (2) Eat considerably lower carbs and zero sugar, else you could well be the next diabetic. If you are already diabetic, then you can reverse the condition by getting rid of carbs in your diet and eating more fat. While there are tons of delicious low-carb,high-fat recipes that one can cook, it would be a pain if you are the only one in the family who wants to eat no sugar and more fat. So here some are simple healthy breakfast ideas that involve no cooking.

Starting a high-fat, low-carb, no-sugar diet requires faith, conviction and discipline. There is no need for blind faith though. There is plenty of scientific evidence to show that eating more fat is healthy for you and sugar is toxic. You can check out the videos linked here: Want To Lose Weight? Eat More Fat!

Why eat a Low-carb, high-fat breakfast?

Technically, it is better if your every meal is low-carb, high-fat, but you can start with breakfast if you like. What is low carb? The answer is relative: Most diets have 60-70% carb which is atrociously high. They put a strain on your liver, spike up your blood sugar levels, make you feel hungry again quickly and if you eat a heavy meal, make you feel sleepy.

So the idea is to eat more fat, more protein and therefore lower carbs. Your meals will take longer to digest and your blood sugar will not fluctuate up and down. While confirmed diabetics must immediately switch to an extremely low-carb diet (this would be ten-fold tastier!!) others can gradually lower carbs.

How to eat a Low-carb, high-fat breakfast without cooking?

Try these when you are at home on holiday first. That way, if you are hungry, there is always food nearby. If you can eat milk products, then your life is simple:

First, drink your morning cup of coffee or tea (if possible reduce the quantity by a little amount). If coffee or tea does not get your intestines moving (if you can catch my drift), drink a litre of water before (or after). That should flush things out and make you feel hungry.

Idea 1:  Then before you head to work, get your “second dose” coffee/tea and eat some unsalted butter. This is, of course, the well-known butter coffee breakfast. I could never add butter to my coffee, so thanks to SR Srinivasan, tried it separately. How much butter? As much as you can handle.

Idea 2: Replace the butter with ghee. Both butter and ghee have no carbohydrates. Ghee, in addition, has almost no lactose. For many, ghee can be easier on the stomach than butter. Drink about 3 nice big spoonfuls.

low carb high fat breakfast with ghee
Source: Wikipedia

Idea 3: Eat dry roasted, unsalted peanuts. In fact, carry a bag to work. If you eat two handfuls before going to work, you should be full for close to three hours (will vary from person to person).

low carb high fat breakfast with peanuts
Source: Wikipedia

Peanuts are legumes (not nuts) with 22 gm of carbs (4 of those natural sugar). So this may not be “low carb” for diabetics, but those with normal metabolism can enjoy copious amounts of it.  It has 24 gm of protein. This is a great food for vegans. It is also a decent source of potassium and iron.

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The glycemic load of a good represents how fast the food converts to glucose. So on this scale, glucose has a score of 100 (as a reference). Peanuts are at 14. This means, they will not make you hungry for a long time. If I eat enough peanuts, I can go up to four hours without food if I do nothing but sitting around. Butter, ghee and coconut oil should have a score close to zero (or not applicable!). The idea is to eat more of foods that have quite low glycemic load.

idea 4: If you can stomach coconut oil, you can replace ghee or butter with this plus your coffee. With this and all other ideas, you might feel hungry 2-3 hours later. You can eat a few nuts to tide you over until lunch. Walnuts are a good choice here. You cannot eat more than a few of them! Else you can eat more peanuts.

idea 5:  Drink some whipping cream. Get the one from Amul with no vegetable fat. Amul has a 25% fat and 30% fat variants. Both have only about 3-4 gms of carb per 100gm. So this should be suitable for diabetics too.

Amul whipping cream for low carb high fat breakfast

idea 6: Eggs!  Eating them raw may or may not be a good idea (the jury undecided here), but if you don’t mind cooking for a few minutes then this would be great.

Remember No rice, no idly, no dosa, no wheat, no puri, no chapathi, no poha, no bread, no dals too!  There are plenty of other low-carb high-fat recipes, but these may require some cooking.

Try this out, and avoid sugar every day. You will slowly see an improvement in health.

What about lunch and dinner?

When I started a lower carb, higher fat diet, my aim was to not trouble my wife. I manage my diet within the confines of her cooking. For lunch and dinner, I eat one green vegetable-based dish. Once a week, I give into my potato and elephant yam craving.

Give these low carb high fat breakfast ideas a try and let me know how it goes. If you have other ideas, share them below. Please note, eating lower carbs need not be a dramatic step. You can get there gradually.

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  1. Dear Pattu,

    Excellent inputs. I had been on LCHF diet for close to year and can tell it had wonderful effects on me. In between i returned to eating carbs and i seriously notice attention loss, being more tired.

    Also, as you mentioned people should consume less and less sugar or better none at all. A lot of people think it is ok to have fruit juices, sweets, jaggery etc. but they are all equally bad.

    Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise… this applies nicely to you.

  2. Nice article Professor.

    But add a word of caution Professor – as one has to do his due diligence of gathering more information than simply following the mentioned diets as every ‘body’ is different.

    1. Carbs is not necessary! So there is no body constitution that will suffer because of lower carbs. What we eat will depend on personal likes and compatibility.

  3. Excellent non finance topic! You can also write on the topics like how to increase income(other than income from investments) by using our KSA(Knowledge, Skills, Attitude)!!

  4. Pattu Sir, wonderful post!

    More low carb breakfast ideas:

    1. Zucchini wraps: using a peeler, peel slices of zucchini & fill it with finely cut cucumber, olives, jalapeños, grated cheese & roll it. Secure with a tooth pick. Eat & pack for a filling mid morning snack
    2. Paneer- mash in a mixie or with hand- add oregano, garlic, pepper, salt & eat.
    3. Use paneer instead of bread to make a sandwich with cucumber, tomato
    4. Masala bullet proof tea- boil tea leaves with grated ginger, elaichi, cinnamon & strain. Add a tbsp of unsalted utter, 20-30 ml of cream, a dash of pepper & have. All those who cant tolerate BPC can try this alternative.

    2. Paneer

  5. Hi.. Just a suggestion.. Try it once. Know your dosha according to ayurveda (online qna available). Eat according to your predominant dosha and rituchakra. See foods in pranik values instead of caliries/fat/carbs/proteins…
    I have been benefited from this. I hope you too.

  6. Thanks for your contribution in finance related articles and non-finance related sharing/ aritcles. Just wanted to share …Everyone in our family, have been following this way of eating since Sep 2017. Already seeing lots of health improvements. One side effect of approaching healthy state is losing weight. Body starts auto correcting. It takes less time to cook. Some rules which are so simple but one needs to pay attention ( which I am following are) .1. Eat when hungry 2. Eat ONLY when Hungry 3. Hunger should be in stomach ( body) and not from mind (eating when happy/sad/dejected/disappointed/elated/anxious . 4.Just stop eating when hunger is satiated . The 3rd point is so important as it forces to note our compulsive habits. Slowly i am finding myself moving to eating once a day ( currently twice a day mostly…just based on hunger). Fat just gives that much energy . I would request you consider Intermittent Fasting. Fasting is another key factor for peak health.

  7. Why is the diabetes rate rising in India? Unlike the US, there doesn’t seem to be a sugar overload epidemic here. Sure, some kids these days chug a lot of fructose (and we’ll probably see a diabetes spike a decade from now), but the majority of adults mostly eat what the older generations ate.

    1. There is a carb overload! Look at the adults around you. How many of them are obese or overweight. Every one of them is a potential diabetic.

  8. Good post and totally agree. I have tried switching to lower carb diets (and occasionally near zero carb diets – being a carnivore is additionally helpful here) and agree with the effects on blood sugar, even cholesterol and other metrics. Weight loss even without exercise! However, it can be a challenge for some to convince others (in the family) about the switch.

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