How expensive are our schools? Please participate in this survey

You may have seen the fee schedule of Bishop Cotton school in Bangalore go viral on social media in the past few days. Please participate in this simple survey so that we get a collective idea of how expensive our schools are. This is totally anonymous and no direct personal information is asked. It will only take a few minutes of your time.

After you participate in this, please do consider sharing this post with whatspp parents groups and with the sharing buttons on the left. We need a good number of responses to make the poll results meaningful.  Those who are not yet parents, please share it with those who are.

The aim of the poll is quite simple: To find out just how expensive our schools are. On in other words, how “affordable” school education is. If the fee charged commensurate with facilities that are offered. Do you need to plan – save or invest – for the annual fee or can you pay it out of your cash flow with no planning? Let us find out.

What are your views on school fee with regard to the facilities offered?

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7 thoughts on “How expensive are our schools? Please participate in this survey

  1. What about Donations part. That is the biggest lumpsum we need to allocate from our savings to get admission in decent school. ( Not referring any international standard , just CBSE )

  2. Professor, please write an article on how to implement the principal of DIY policy in imparting education to the child after class 10 schooling. The menace of private coaching institutions has left very few schools left providing quality education at that level. Parents like me living in a small town remain always a dilemma on selecting the schools or coaching institutes! A lot of online stuff is also available but your expert opinion would help a lot to the parents like me in providing the quality education to our wards at class 11,12 levels which is a very crucial stage for children future. Thanks in advance.

  3. Does total annual fee include transportation & food also? That is big component and you should be clear in the form. Otherwise some people may add it and some not resulting in bad results.

  4. Dangerously Expensive..I stay in Pune (Suburbs) and the fees from School’s range from 60000 to 150000 Rs Annually . This does not include one time fees, registeration fees, Books Uniform, Annual day fees, costume fees, transport fees etc. For my Son who will now go to 1st standard the fees are in the range of 66K+ overheads. for my other son who will go to Jr.Kg it is about 40K

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