Important Notice on Change in freefincal policy

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Dear reader, with effect from 18th Mar 2019, many of the spreadsheets and calculators will no longer be available for free. For example, the robo advisory template will no longer feature a free version as its terms and conditions have been repeated and openly abused by readers.

All other spreadsheets like the stock momentum and low volatility list and monthly mutual fund outperformance screener will be available for an extremely nominal fee which even a college student can afford.

Reasons behind this change

This change in policy is to ensure the work done at freefincal is not taken for granted, used in a casual manner and misused. Also, it would help fund expansion activities such as purchase professional database services, new software, plugins and hire content writers.

This will only ensure better quality products with unique features are available at an extremely affordable price. As always, all site revenue will be fed back into the site to further growth and expansion. So the pricing would reflect that.

If the move is backed by enough readers, then we can move to a model with less or even no reliance on ads.

Thank you for your understanding.

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