Mutual Fund Portfolio Tracker


Excel-based Mutual Fund Portfolio Tracker (Version 1)


Download the Mutual Fund Excel Tracker

Statutory Warning: Refreshing NAV everyday and staring at MF holdings can be injurious to your fiscal health 

8 thoughts on “Mutual Fund Portfolio Tracker

    1. Please wait for my automated tracker. You can use separate sheets for direct and regular investments and consolidate them for portfolio return calculation. If you want a beta version, let me know and I will send it to you.

  1. Many thanks for what you are doing. I learnt about you from These are comments / requests from an “Excel challenged” reader. I periodically make lump sum investments (not SIPs) in 4 mutual funds (all large cap equity funds, all in dividend payout option). Is there a “program” that will give me: amount invested — dividend returns — NAV appreciation — “real return” over a period of time? I downloaded your “excel-tracker-v2-sip1” but was floored by its complexity. It takes for granted a reasonable knowledge of Excel which I do not possess. I tried the portfolio manager in but it is not helpful. I would value your comments and advice.

    Is there a similar program to look at a portfolio of equity shares running on a “buy and hold for decades” policy?

    1. Thank you. I would like to think the present tracker is more user friendly. Please do give it a spin. This calculates CAGR by assuming dividends are reinvested.
      Can you point me to a div return or div yield calculation for mutual funds? I am unable to find one.
      Also can you define what you mean by real return? Do you mean absoluter return?

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