New Version: Excel PPF calculator and Tracker

An update to the PPF calculator and tracker published last September.  The calculator is the creation of Karthikeyan Chellappa. The tracker is based on his template with a simple modification.

Thanks to feedback from Krishna Chandrashekar,  I have allowed for the interest rate to vary each month. This way, users can account for interest rate changes that occur in the middle of the financial year (eg. Dec. 2011). Future changes may occur only at the start of the FY. However, because of that one change in Dec. 2011, users with old accounts could not use the previous sheet. Hence this new version.

I request users to let me know if the total interest paid out by the bank matches with that computed by the sheet. TIA.

Here is a screenshot.


Download the latest version (June 2016) of the PPF Calculator and Tracker

Download the Aug 2015 version of the Excel PPF Calculator and Tracker

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