Report – Mumbai Investor Meet

Yesterday, the workshop on financial planning and goal-based investing was held at Mumbai. Here is a report.

The day began for me at 3 am to catch the 6 am flight from Chennai. I don't like text  messages before I fly. It means a delay or cancellation.  Thankfully, this one was from Subra asking for the exact location of the hotel in Dadar.

Thankfully, the flight landed a few minutes ahead of time. En route to the hotel, I received a call from P Gopalakrishnan, who along with his wife Aarthi were already at the venue (more than an hour before the start) helping out with the registration.  They were kind enough to print the list I had sent them.

When I arrived, I was overwhelmed to meet so many facebook friends and Asan Ideas for Wealth members. Fee-only planner, Melvin Jospeh was at the registration desk and helped out with the arrangement throughout the day. The team, who had part-sponsored the event was already there. Headed by Sharad Singh who spoke passionately about the how mutual funds are analyzed and ranked by them and his team members, Gaurav Mody and Atul Khanna.

The previous day, Jinesh Shah, Vishal Rochlani and Guru Rudagi had gone to the hotel to oversee arrangements meticulously planned and negotiated by Sundaram Ananthakrishnan. Sundaramji has organised this despite severe domestic constraints.

Abhinav Guletcha (fee-only planner) was there with his laptop for me to use. Swapnil Dalvi got his laptop as a backup. Jinesh Shah was busy with his Handycam.

There were so many others who help out: Abhijeet Dongre (who runs stock portal Eqax), Abhay Gadiyar (IFA) , Prakash Praharaj (fee-only planner) ,  Nitin Rao (who runs , Pratik Singhal, Bhadresh Shah, Chetan Raut, Mahesh Jadav, Pradip Chinnakonda.  Thank you very much.

It is because of such collective effort, that I could afford to fly in and fly out the same day without worrying about the arrangements.

Deepak Khemani (senior IFA) greeted me spontaneously with a bear hug (he prefers to call it a bull hug!) which I shall cherish.

I spoke about goal-based inflation, accounting for inflation, understanding volatility, rolling returns and how to choose a mutual fund. There were some interesting questions. I will write about some of these in future posts.

Dr. Uma Shashikant spoke about direct equity. Simple steps for stock selection. She spoke about how to use the factors that influence return on equity to evaluate and choose stocks.  I will try and modify my stock analyzer along these lines so that it is easier to use.

Subra spoke about retirement planning. Common mistakes made at the pre- and post-retirement stages. See his posts on this meet here and here.

Although Umaji had to leave early, she felt her task was not complete after her lecture and stayed back after lunch and along  with Subra patiently answered questions from the audience.

Sharad Singh spoke about how evaluates mutual funds and gives them a star rating. Watch out for their new portfolio evaluation tool which is coming up.

Mr. Amit Trivedi spoke with great clarity on a subject which is considered dry and difficult: debt mutual funds.

I would like to thank all participants for spending an entire Sunday with us and patiently listening to us and interacting with us.

A few people have asked me how we managed to keep the registration cost to only Rs. 750/-

This is primarily because of the

  • efforts of Sundaram Ananthakrishnan who spent several hours at the hotel and negotiated with management
  • instantaneous sponsorship of Sharad Singh via
  • generosity of the speakers, Umaji, Subra and Amitji. They did not ask to be compensated in any way for their talks.  I am confident that those who heard them realize the true value of their presentation and cherish the time spent yesterday.

Please see threads on facebook group, Asan Ideas for Wealth for a few photos taken by the participants.


Register for the New Delhi DIY Investor meet:  April 23rd 2017

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32 thoughts on “Report – Mumbai Investor Meet

  1. Anand

    Thanks Pattu, for sharing the update and acknowledging all the folks. Together the better 😉
    Was this event video captured and is there a plan to share it..


  2. Anand

    Thanks Pattu, for sharing the update and acknowledging all the folks. Together the better 😉
    Was this event video captured and is there a plan to share it..


  3. dipak jambusaria

    learnt a lot as ordinary investor. If possible share contact details of various IFA/fee only financial planners

  4. dipak jambusaria

    learnt a lot as ordinary investor. If possible share contact details of various IFA/fee only financial planners

  5. Milind NITSURE

    Hi Pattu-It was Great Meeting and Listning to You in RAPT ATTENTION .....You Did ROCK and I learned a Lot From Your Input As Well .

    My Salute To Our KING 🙂

  6. Mahesh Jadhav

    Pattu sir,
    This was really enlightening session. Specially for me, who never heard financial jargon six months before. This session just sowed a seed which will definitely be a big tree after certain "long number of years".

    I really like to thank you, Uma Madam, PV Subramanyam sir, Sharad singh sir and amit trivedi sir for helping me and my brother Abhijeet Jadhav).

  7. Nikhil Suri

    Excellent seminar and a big thanks to all the guys mentioned above who made it possible. Totally worth my time and money! The core message I've taken away from it is that we unnecessarily make investing more complicated than it needs to be. I found the rolling return graphs that you showed a very useful tool. How do you make them up - where do you pull the basic data from?

  8. Pradip

    Pattu Sir,

    First of all let me clarify that even though I had volunteered myself for this meet, I didn't do a bit of it except for attending the workshop.

    I thank you all great humble human beings for sharing your knowledge and experience which enlightened all of us. Once again thank Sir Pattu for organizing this event, Mam Dr. Uma, Sir Subra, Sharadji & Amitji for making this a success.

  9. Meena Shivram

    Hello Pattu Sir, When is the Delhi Investor meet? I am eagerly awaiting the event after going through the details of Chennai and Mumbai meet.


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