Saturday Roundup

Here is a collection of articles, information and resources I encountered this week.


  • PersonalFn has been offering a mutual fund selection service for the last 10 years. It is currently offering this service at a price of Rs. 1,750 for 2 years and Rs. 1,000 for 1 year: Mutual Fund Portfolio Service  (This is not an affiliate link. It is also not a recommendation.).



  • Free Financial Calculators on Android, by Nikhil Kale, CFP


  • I saw the movie, ‘Oblivion’ this week. Here is an interesting article related to the premise of the movie: If We Had No Moon

4 thoughts on “Saturday Roundup

  1. ‘Mutual Fund Portfolio Service’ it is my humble suggestion that it would be better performance , if one select the equity mf by using ‘Step-by-Step Guide to Selecting a Mutual Fund ‘ on this site. one may compare the 10 yrs’ yearly returns given by them with others, and check their claim. disclosure: i got high regard of equitymaster,, quantumamc for their services to investor community and honesty.

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