Some Changes to Freefincal

A few days ago I moved the blog to for a fee. I then applied for WordAds – the WordPress equivalent for Googles Adsense. WordPress will now run ads in the blog, and I will participate in the earnings (determined by traffic and not by ‘clicks’).

As a result,I was forced to change the blog theme and make other changes in the menu. Further menu/theme changes maybe needed if the ads do not load properly in the current theme. Kindly excuse the inconvenience.

Passive income experiment: When I say, ‘participate in the earnings’, it sounds like a lot. Although it will be in dollars, the ‘earnings’ will be minuscule. I have set 100 $ a year as a reasonable target. So even if a Dollar can fetch Rs. 100, it is not enough to cover my expenses for 15 days!

I debated about running ads in the blog for a long time and finally decided, ‘why not?’. Income from blogging is a terrific form of earning ‘passive income’ not because of the amount earned, but because of the challenges involved. So I see this as a passive income experiment where I show some commitment to the blog and make a few bucks which hopefully will help fortify my commitment. It is of course debatable if such income can be classified as ‘passive’ income. Blogging involves burning more than just a few calories. The classic form of passive income is the rent from property you own but did not pay for (ancestral). That of course is sheer dumb luck.

Is Wordads the best choice? Is WordPress the best choice as domain host? I don’t know. I didn’t make these decisions after careful consideration. I just took the easy way out. Firms like Godaddy probably cover domain hosting for a lower price.

Calculators: A reminder regarding terms of use 

The calculators offered free in this site do not have any kind of sheet passwords. All the formulae used can be seen and can be freely modified. The whole idea of doing is this to point out that most of the time financial math is not that hard.

Copyleft.svgIf you find the calculators useful, you are free to use them in anyway you see fit. Notions of civility and commonsense require that the source be mentioned. I am however not insisting that you do so. That said, if I do see the source mentioned, it would give me immense joy, since I am after all human.

I make the calculators because it gives me joy and keeps my mind distracted from negative thoughts. If others find them useful and If I get to know about it, I am filled with a small sense of contentment that my actions have some meaning.

I may run ads in the site and earn a penny or two (literally!), but the calculators will remain free.

The Future: Soon the semester starts at IIT, Madras and I am due to teach a course. So I expect the frequency of posts to drop from twice a week to hopefully once a week. I already have a backlog of about 5-6 calculator requests. I will clear them one by one.

Other topics: Besides financial calculators and my thoughts on investing, I am thinking of writing an occasional post of non-financial matters. For example, ‘how I lost 25 Kgs without excercise’. Not sure how much readers will like stuff like that here but let me give it a shot.

As always your views are welcome.

16 thoughts on “Some Changes to Freefincal

  1. I love the new look of the Blog! And i would love to read occasional posts of non financial matters. I also lost 25 Kgs recently but lost it due to not eating sufficient calories. : )

  2. Hi Pattu,

    The site looks good. I have gained a lot from your blog. Looking forward to more non-financial posts from you. Keep up the good work.

  3. Pattu,
    It is good. It is a kind of exploration. This is one of it. Best wishes to you.
    BTW you may write on NAV policies. Recently I had bitter experience with LIC’s Wealth Plus highest NAV policy. I paid premium in single payment. I had to surrender the policy in halfway. Alas, I got less than what I paid. Though it is expected that the surrender value of a policy will be always less, I was shocked to find that NAV never crossed 10 %. Already the number of units was less, since some charges were taken for life cover. Only bonus would add-up at the end of term. So highest NAV plans are not good at all.

    1. Hi Angs, Thanks. Yes guaranteed NAV or highest NAV plans typically invest in debt instruments which carry some risk. So the NAV will hardly increase too much and sometimes as you have experienced can lead to a loss as well.

  4. Hi Pattu,
    I recently stumbled across your blog from Subra’s and am finding it extremely useful. I am new to investing and just finding my bearings and have already downloaded a lot of useful calculators (not that I have already used them all but I hope to soon). I think that what you are doing is great and wish you all success with this move.
    And as many have already mentioned, I also wouldn’t mind posts of non-financial flavor.


    1. Hi Eswar,

      Thank very much. Do use the calculators when you get the time. I will happy to look into any issues you have with them. As reg. non-financial posts, I thinking of have a separate blog for that and just reblog them at freefincal.

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