My talk about “Risk!” at the 6th Bangalore DIY Investor Workshop

At the recently concluded 6th Bangalore DIY Investor Workshop, I talked about various aspects of risk in personal finance. The video and slide deck are published in this post.

Last week, Ashal's forenoon session on Life, Health, Accident, Critical Illness Insurance: All You Need to Know! was published.

For this investor meet, I chose to focus on behaviour aspects of risk in personal finance. Unfortunately, the focus is on me and the slides can only be seen in part. Request viewers to use the presentation slide show while watching the video.

Disclaimer: All references made are about the investor community "in general" and does not refer to any person/persons in specific.

Link to presentation: Risk in personal finance

Presentation Slide Show

Suggest you change slides here as the video progresses to get a full view of the presentation.

Link to presentation: Risk in personal finance

Part 1

Note: My Traffic from Google got fully restored after 8 days.  I now understand what happened and is not a penalty. So the loss in traffic was only temporary.

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

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One thought on “My talk about “Risk!” at the 6th Bangalore DIY Investor Workshop

  1. No Bank Balance

    Sir, Bipolars are most prone to risky behavior in Personal Finance. Almost 3-4 people out of 100 has bipolar outlook.
    Any thought !
    May be outwardly my comments seem out of context !! here


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