Mutual fund screener- Google Sheets Edition

I received two awesome updates to Google sheets version of the freefincal mutual fund screener practically within minutes of each other.

The first one is by Riyaz Mohammed

I have simplified few things in the sheet,

1. Made it easily sharable without sharing username/password( no longer import the xlsb and copy scripts)
2. Added easy Menu with help
3. Added validations for user name and password
4. Added menu for authorization


1. go to this link

2. click 'make a copy'

3. when loaded click menu Freefincal -> Authorize

4. Click Freefincal -> Get data (observe validation of username and password if its empty)


The second is by Ramesh Vijayaraghavan

I have tried to remove the Custom script as well as username pwd for value research

Authentication is required only for CSV download. I am using their HTML output and hence it is not prompting for authentication

Ramesh figured out that authentication is necessary for CSV files only. Their html can be imported without username and password. I tried to do this, but failed.

1. go to this link

2. click 'make a copy'

3. Select fund category and screen!

Ramesh and Riyaz sent me these modifications within minutes of each other!


Thank you for your efforts, Riyaz, Ramesh Vijayaraghavan and Ramesh Venugopal (who fixed the Google app script for downloading csv files).

I am slowy waking up to the power and potential of Google sheets. Hope to convert calculators soon.

Note: Google sheets are necessary only when macros are used. Other Excel files can be uploaded straight to GS for use.

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21 thoughts on “Mutual fund screener- Google Sheets Edition

  1. Venkata Ramana

    Firstly, thanks for this blog, This really helps! And I have executed both the sheets in IE11, I have found both working perfectly!

  2. Maries


    I hope it is better to create a repository in github for code development and ask people to contribute. I hope lot of people will contribute to improve the calculator from excel to online

      1. Maries


        I hope it is better to move this github discussion to DIY forum. I tried to create a new post for this. We don't have a required title to post under. Need to create a new title for this which is not financial but more on software development or improving the tools for freefincal.

    1. freefincal

      If you access VRonlibe at office then there should not be a problem. At least with the second version posted today.

  3. Rakesh

    I dont know if it's freefincal or VR(most probably) but when selecting Hybrid Funds, I get some funds which I do not get when I select 'All Equity excluding Sector funds' and 'All Equity' either. My understanding is that Hybrid Funds are Equity funds and thus such funds must appear when I select 'All Equity' or AEESF. I feel it is the way VR provides you the data but just thinking if it is because the sheet restricts it in some way due to ranking which maybe causing this issue? Not sure now if similarly we are loosing out on some funds in other categories also? I selected 'Birla Sun Life Balanced '95 Fund' as an example which comes in Hybrid category but does not come in All Equity*.

  4. Rakesh

    Also request if other key parameters like Expense Ratio, Turnover etc can be added to the MF screener to make it complete 🙂

  5. Rakesh

    I have observed one more bug. Steps to reproduce:
    1. Select 'All Equity except sector funds'.
    2. Let it load data.
    3. Go to Screener tab. You will see list of rows populated. Scroll down to the bottom of the page.

    Bug: You will observe that for some reason, post-calculation, there are rows at the top of the sheet(as expected) then large # of empty rows and then again data is there at the bottom. The data in the bottom rows are not present in the top dataset. Is this bug or intentional? Due to this the filtering will not work properly.

      1. Rakesh

        We are using the same google sheets. Dont know what could be wrong. I was able to replicate this same issue for other MF types like Hybrid:Multi Cap or Mid-Cap(dont remember now after yesterday) Nevertheless checking script code would be advisable. If it helps, I was using second script version by Ramesh Vijayaraghavan.

        1. Rakesh

          Just checked again. Seems to work for me too now! Could be issue in VR(sending blank rows) and/or in the script code in excel. Will keep a watch over this if it happens again.

          1. Rakesh

            Yes it is happening intermittently and in different categories as well. Should we try Moneycontrol as source if VR is not reliable? Problem is that filtering of data fails if data has blank gaps/rows in between.

  6. Jig

    I think VR has done something. Or I don't understand it will.
    I tried for Large Cap Equity and on the screener tab I am getting all index equity ETF and sector funds. 🙁
    Any update ?


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