Watch the 1st lecture of Goal-based portfolio management for free!

Published: January 18, 2020 at 9:12 pm

Last Updated on January 10, 2021

As you may know the lectures on goal-based portfolio management – an online course to reduce fear, uncertainty and doubt while investing for a financial goal – was launched on 8th Jan 2020. Now you can watch the first lecture for free! More than 1200 people have signed up for the course and joined the Facebook group (you may have seen the link on the top of the site).

The one-time course fee is Rs. 2570 (and 35 USD for those outside India). If you think you have missed out on the early-bird discount period (the price was lower by 60%), not to worry you can do the following to get Rs. 1000 off the price. That is for Rs. 1570 (or 25USD)

  1. Watch the 1st lecture
  2. See the list of lectures (see below). I have just now added a new lecture.
  3. Read the course FAQ
  4. Buy the latest Mutual Fund Screener for Rs. 111 and you will find the discounted link (Rs. 1570) inside the Excel file.
  5. Or you can get it at the full price here: Buy the course (Rs. 2570)  Enter the email used in the Facebook Group Answer Box
    Outside India: Buy via this link 
    (35 USD) Enter the email used in the Facebook Group Answer Box

1st lecture of Goal-based portfolio management  

List of lectures

  • Lecture 1: What is Goal-Based Portfolio Management? An introduction
  • Lecture 2: What is a sequence of return and why is it important.
  • Lecture 3: Managing Risk for a 20Y Goal. Here different methods to manage risk and attain a target corpus is discussed.
  • Lecture 4: Why we need to look beyond India Stock Market History. The limitations of our market history and why we need to learn risk management with S &P 500 history is explained.
  • Lecture 5 How different equity allocations work for a 20Y goal. Strategies that work for a 20Y, 10Y and 5Y goals are explained.
  • Lecture 6: What if I started investing late and have a huge fixed income allocation?
  • Lecture 7: How practical is the strategy we discussed so far?
  • Lecture 8: Basics of Retirement Planning
  • Lecture 9 Testing Retirement Strategies with the worst sequence of returns
  • Lecture 10: Testing success and risk for retirement strategies
  • Discussion: What are your takeaways?
  • Lecture 11: How to use Excel Goalseek to convert annual return to monthly return
  • Lecture 12: How to create your own monthly portfolio tracker!
  • Lecture 12: How to calculate the investment amount for different asset allocation strategies
  • Additional content coming up in the coming weeks!

See you inside! If you have any questions, send them to [email protected]

  1. Buy the latest Mutual Fund Screener for Rs. 111 and you will find the discounted link (Rs. 1570) inside the Excel file. OR
  2. Buy the course (Rs. 2570)  Enter the email used in the Facebook Group Answer Box Outside India: Buy via this link (35 USD) Enter the email used in the Facebook Group Answer Box


1 How to register for the course?  Look out for my email on 9th Jan. Email subscribers to my posts are automatically eligible for the early-bird discount. No further action is necessary from your side. Others can sign up in this Google Form. Add [email protected] to your contacts list so that it does not end up in spam

2 What is the cost of the course? The normal fee is Rs. 2570 (one-time). Between Jan 9th 2020 (after the site opens) and Jan 12th 2020 (11:45 pm) the fee will be Rs. 1030 (one-time). This is a 60% early-bird discount. Those outside India can join by paying 20 USD in the early-bird window and 32 USD after that.

3 How can I view the online course? You will need a Facebook account. The course material will be hosted in a Facebook Group. You will need to enter the email used in the purchase to gain access to the group.

4 I do have a Facebook account and I do not want to get one just for this. What are my options? Since the group will have fellow-DIY investors getting a Facebook account without divulging private information (use a separate email for this) would be the ideal option. Please get a Facebook Account. It will be worth the effort if you are interested in the course. Do not buy the course unless you have or are willing to set up a Facebook account.

5 All this is okay, but what is the course about? The course will talk about different goal-based portfolio management strategies and how they have fared in the past. This will provide a guideline to participants to develop their own method

6 Who should attend this? Those who wish to protect their money from market crashes or years of poor returns should. Those who fear how to cope with a market crash and still have enough money for goal should. Advisors who wish to efficiently manage client money should. Those who are about to retire or are retired and interested in portfolio management after-retirement should.

7 Who should not attend?  Those who blindly believe in the long term potential of the stock market and who are over-confident about returns should not. Those who do not understand the basics of goal-based investing such as, what is a financial goal, what is inflation etc should not attend.

8 What will not be covered in the course?

  • How to select and manage mutual funds
  • How to select and manage stocks or any financial instrument

9 What will be covered in the course?  How to minimise risk in a portfolio so that it does not deviate too much from the expected target corpus at any time in the investment journey. Naturally, no fool-proof strategies or magic formula will be handed out. The idea will be to think about and devise an asset allocation strategy based on factual evidence.

10 Is this a basic course or an advanced course? This is an essential course! It will not have any math or formulae that you need to figure out, but it will have several charts and plots that you need to appreciate. Since there is no recurring costs, you can take all the time you need to figure it out.

11 Can newbies sign up for this? Anyone can sign up provided they are do not come looking for “ready-made solutions” and help with the “basics”. The lectures will tell you what asset allocation strategy works more often and what works less often. What you choose will be up to you.

12 I am an advisor? Should I sign up? I am fairly confident that the contents of the course will not be found in the textbooks you have studied. In fact, considering how the advisor community talks about reward, I think it is important for open-minded advisors to appreciate the risks associated with goal-planning.

13 Does this course include investment advisory? Will you help me choose products or suggest suitable ones?  No. Stay away. If you join the group and ask for the best mutual funds, you will be shown the door.

14 Will you provide a refund if I am not satisfied? No. Read the full FAQ, clarify doubts before buying?

15 What exactly am I paying for? The fee is only for watching the videos. Any discussion that you have with me or other group members is not part of the fee. This means, if after watching the videos you post a comment, “why don’t you try this method and see what happens?”, I am not obligated to do it, but will do my best if it will help the group.

16 What are the dos and don’ts in the group? Naturally no self-promotion and no asking specific investment advice. For example, 1 am 30, this is my portfolio …. what do you think? The group is for DIY investors if you can appreciate what DIY actually means!

You can ask clarifications on the course material, offer suggestions, alternative strategies and ask what others think your goal-based strategy. As mentioned above, I or anyone else in the group is not obligated to answer.

Naturally, members will have to be civil, respecting and courteous. Any unacceptable behaviour (in my opinion) will result in expulsion. Once expelled members will not be added back even if they pay.

17 This seems like an advanced course. Will I understand it? Can I see a sample?

The idea discussed in this video will the core of the course. We will take it one step further if it really works all the time, is there anything better? What happens after retirement etc. If you can understand this, you should be able to follow the course.

18 Why does this course have a fee? Because it will act as a small barrier for irresponsible freebie seeking pseudo-DIY investors.

19 If this course is “next level” stuff, why is the fee so low? I do not know about “next level” but it certainly is the next stage after the “basics”. I do not want the fee to be prohibitively high. I would like all true DIY investor across tax slabs to benefit.

20 Is this a one-time fee or recurring? This is a one-time fee. I plan to add more videos in the coming weeks and there will be no extra charge for that.

21 How many videos are there and what is the total duration? These should be about 10+ videos initially with a total duration of close to 2 hours. Each video will be short no more than 20 minutes. You can watch an rewatch at your leisure.

22 Will there be any exercises?   As of now, no. I still need to understand the kind of doubts subscribers will get when they view the content.

Buy the course (Rs. 2570)  Enter the email used in the Facebook Group Answer Box
Outside India: Buy via this link 
(35 USD after 11:45 pm 12th Jan 2020) Enter the email used in the Facebook Group Answer Box

If you have any other question, leave a comment or write to [email protected]

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