Weekend Roundup Sep. 14th 2013

1. Hemant Beniwal’s new article: What Should Be Your Ideal Revenue Per Client? + Download Revenue Calculator

This is written for financial planners. However it is equally interesting for individuals.

Would you pay Rs. 30,000 f0r a financial plan plus annual review fee?

If you won’t, the only option is to do it yourself.

Financial planners will immediately say, ‘it is dangerous for investors to try and do their financial planning’.

While they do have a point, what they say, to paraphrase Warren Buffett, is a bit like barbers warning people not to cut their own hair!

Truth is financial planning is nothing more than common sense. If you don’t trust me, read this fantastic piece from Subra:

2. Make your financial plan, Now and here How!!

Note: I have nothing against financial planners. I just agree with Subra that since it is very hard to find a competent (certified or otherwise) financial planner, we are better off doing it ourselves.

3. Recently I posted a Rolling Returns Calculator and followed it up with an analysis of HDFC Top 200

Every analytical tool has limitations. Rolling returns is no different. Read this excellent article:

Rolling Period Analysis – A Cautionary Piece

4. A fantastic article by Shiv Vishwanathan on Ms. Laitha, the wife of Nobel Laureate, Subramanyam Chandrashekar: The Laitha Effect

5. Freefincal: I have made changes to the navigation menu. Hopefully it is easier to access the calculators.

Have your tried out the new excel mutual fund tool?

Have a great weekend.

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