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Avoid mistakes & minimize costs through index funds: Don’t waste energy fighting the law of no-free-lunch

­ In this guest post, SEBI registered fee-only advisor Avinash Luthria who is part of the freefincal list of advisors and fee-only India suggests that investors should minimize costs through index funds and not waste energy fighting the law of no-free-lunch, instead use it as a tool for thinking, to avoid mistakes and also. Avinash Luthria is Founder, […]

SEBI Registered Investment Adviser Application Process: step by step guide

This is a detailed step by step guide to the SEBI Registered Investment Adviser Application Process under SEBI(Investment Advisers) Regulations 2013.  It will help anyone with the necessary qualifications (see below) to apply for SEBI RIA certification. This post is authored by Swapnil Kendhe a successful SEBI RIA. His website is vivektaru. One of the first […]

Fee-only advisor Avinash Luthria warns real investment returns will be zero!

Avinash Luthria joins the freefincal list of SEBI registered fee-only financial advisors as its 12th member (yet another based in Bangalore) and to mark the occasion, in this guest post, he issues an important warning: “Real returns, (after inflation and tax), across one’s entire portfolio and across one’s lifetime, will be in the ballpark of zero […]

Here are four steps to build your own business (Part-time or Full-time) from scratch

Do you want a steady source of primary or secondary income from a business or service? Do you dream of being a successful entrepreneur? Of being your own boss? Sebi Registered Investment advisor and fee-only financial planner Vikram Krishnamoorthy discusses four ways to start any business from scratch and grow it steadily. Vikram is a successful […]

Fee-only Advisor Journey: Basu begins a new chapter in the Basunivesh story

In this episode of fee-only advisor journey, Basavaraj Tonagatti, who runs the popular blog Basunivesh, describes his growth from insurance and mutual fund advisor to a financial planner to enterprising blogger and now a SEBI registered investment advisor (RIA), fee-only financial planner. He also joins as the 11th RIA in my List of Fee-only Financial Planners […]

Worried about finding money for your goals? Here is a simple way out

In April 2018, when SEBI registered fee-only financial planner Brijesh Vappala and member of fee-only India (FOI) was added to my list of fee-only financial planners, he had written a guest post highlighting a common problem among young earners: A high income will not make you RICH!! He partitioned money spending into four bins or quadrants and showed that if […]