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About Dr M. Pattabiraman

Dr M Pattabiraman (PhD), aka Pattabiraman Murari, is the founder, managing editor and primary author of freefincal. He is an associate professor at IIT, Madras and the author of three personal finance books with over ten years of experience publishing news, analysis, research, and financial product development. Passionate about teaching, he was awarded the “Young Faculty Recognition Award” by IIT Madras in 2012.

M Pattabiraman Giving A Lecture

Expertise and Experience

Dr Pattabiraman’s expertise includes mutual fund analysis, investment risk, retirement planning, stock valuation and personal finance.

He has been profiled in the Economic Times: Meet Pattabiraman, the man who helps many plan a better retirement through his calculators.

Screenshot of the Economic Times featuring Dr. M. Pattabiraman taken on 11th June 2021 at 8 43 am IST
Screenshot of the Economic Times featuring Dr M. Pattabiraman taken on 11th June 2021 at 8:43 am IST

His journey to financial independence has been featured on LiveMint: Light the FIRE and lose the fear of getting fired. And Can your FIRE dreams get past the COVID-19 impact?

Pattabiraman specialises in financial goal-based portfolio management where the investment risk is gauged based on need alone, regardless of market movements. This has resulted in a unique open-source robo-advisory tool.

His analytical tools and research on mutual fund investing, stock selection, pre-retirement planning, post-retirement risk management, and portfolio management have been published regularly at freefincal since May 2012. The site serves more than three million readers annually (5 million plus page views).

Work with SEBI

The SEBI Investor Protection Education Fund Advisory Committee recommended nine of his calculators be part of the SEBI Investor Education Website. Further details can be found in the announcement post.

Also, see Outlook Money article: Sebi Shares Calculator By IIT-M Professor That Allows Changing Asset Allocation Over Investment Tenure.

Letter of appreciation from SEBI.

Letter of appreciation from Whole Time Member Shri Bhatia for Dr M Pattabiraman's contribution towards development of financial calculators for SEBI
Letter of appreciation from Whole Time Member Shri Bhatia for Dr M Pattabiraman’s contribution towards the development of financial calculators for SEBI


Popularly known as “Pattu”, Dr M. Pattabiraman has written three books:


Watch his interview with Mandeep of Labour Law Advisors

Pattabiraman’s interview appears in The Wisest Owl: Be your own financial planner by Anupam Gupta.

Wisest Owl Cover
Wisest Owl Cover


Times of Indian Podcast on changes to the New Tax Regime proposed in Budget 2023

Paisa Vaisa Podcast with Anupam Gupta

Portfolio and experience

His portfolio details and experience can be found here:

Youtube Channel

The freefincal YouTube channel has more than 1000 videos on personal finance and DIY investing. Regular viewers are accustomed to Pattu’s opening lines and callsign, “Hi, I am pattu from freefincal”!

Guest Articles

He is also a contributor to The Economic Times

Fee-only India

He is a patron and co-founder of “Fee-only India”, which promotes unbiased, commission-free investment advice.

Corporate Sessions

He conducts free money management sessions for corporates and associations(see details below). Previous engagements include World Bank, RBI, BHEL, Asian Paints, Tamil Nadu Investors Association etc. He follows strict journalistic integrity defined by the organisation’s Policies and Standards.

Watch his talks

This talk was given to World Bank Employees in Feb 2019: Common sense approach to managing money.

Index investing options in India: this talk was given to members of the Tamil Nadu Investors Association

Getting started guide: Re-assemble

Re-assemble is a free step-by-step guide to help you manage money

Small Re assemble cover - Ebooks by freefincal
Reassemble cover – Ebooks by freefincal

Download Re-assemble: Step-by-step money management basics for beginners

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