Oct 2017 Freefincal Equity Mutual Fund Outperformance Screener

Use this screener file to hunt for equity funds that have¬†consistently outperformed category benchmarks with good downside protection and/or upside performance. I have now updated the list to match with Value Research category listing. Will update this from monthly from now on. Thanks to Dr. Dinesh Singh, for the push ūüôā

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What percentage of my salary should I invest each month?

What percentage of my salary should I invest each month -10%,20%? This is a common question in personal finance forums and now in Quora. There are several wrong questions that people ask when it comes to personal finance and this is one of them.

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PlumbLine October 2017: a handpicked list of mutual funds

Readers may be aware that last month I had introduced a handpicked list of mutual funds and called in PlumbLine to accompany the freefincal robo advisory template. I was all set to write this months post, when SEBI announced its mutual fund classification rules, to be implemented by year-end. So I wanted to wait until the reclassification is complete as at least 1/2 funds from PlumbLine can be expected to change color – merged with another with a change in investment strategy. I mentioned this a couple of posts ago and many readers asked me to continue PlumLine and make changes to it as AMCs react to the SEBI ruling. Hence this post. I discuss the impact of the SEBI ruling for each fund in the list. read more

What Should I consider when hiring a fee-only financial planner?

When I announced the launch of Fee-only India, a coming together of SEBI registered fee-only financial planners to help clients and each other, Alok Singh, made this interesting suggestion: “It’s a good initiative to bring fee-only FPs under one roof. Would it possible to come up with a post describing as to what factor/points one should consider while hiring a fee-only planner? There are many fee-only FP and people might be finding it difficult to choose one. Even after hiring one, many times doubt arises whether it was a good decision, once we refer to his/her advice and what we have learnt over a period of time (this happened with me when the advice was going southward from what I’ve learnt, but still I am following advise)”. read more