How to quickly spot undervalued stocks

Readers who have kept tabs with my posts on stocks and stock analysis tools may be aware that I focus on stock selection and don’t beat around the bush with fancy quotes.  In keeping with that spirit, here is a simple way to quickly spot undervalued stocks using Morningstar’s Quantitative Equity Ratings. This post is meant for new stock investors and not experts who like to find fault with everything. read more

Do you buy stuff suddenly without planning (impulse buying)? This might help

Impulse buying refers to the sudden purchase of goods and services without planning or without evaluating if it would be useful. It is the same as the sudden urge to pick up a packet of namkeen or sweets just because we have seen it! If you are worried about how you or someone you care about buy stuff, give this method a try. It might work for at least expensive purchases.

Impulse buying has a lot in common with impulse eating. So at least one remedy has a lot in common and is well known: delay gratification. There is, however, one key difference. Delaying the purchase does not mean avoidance and that is what this post is about. read more

Download Re-assemble e-book on our 6th birthday

Freefincal was started on May end 2012. So this is its 6th birthday and to mark the occasion I have compiled the post in the Re-assemble series into a pdf e-book. Re-assemble is a series of basic money management steps for beginners and young earners that was started in Nov 2017. Do share it with others if you find it useful.

The journey from 2012 to 2018 has been nothing short of extraordinary – personally and professionally. Freefincal via its readers has exposed me to how diverse human behaviour can be. I continue to learn about finance, web usage trends, SEO, social media, managing a website and online visibility. read more

How the fate of your mutual fund SIPs is decided by “timing luck”

It is a genius plan. Simply tell the naive investor that one should not time the market and invest regularly via SIP as it will reduce risk. Convince them that automating something will make them disciplined and show them a few select data points of how rewarding this approach has been. Then the seller gets regular commissions from the investment value (not amount), the AMC gets regular AUM. Happy-happy-happy. What about the investor? Is there any proof that a SIP actually works? read more

How can we help our children choose their careers

There can be no argument that life is unfair! If a child is not sure about “what to do” after 12th standard, it is a stressful time for everyone. Joining a course that has “good career prospects” is a guaranteed way to get a “job” and not a career. Understanding the difference is the key to life-long happiness. In this post, I discuss ways in which we can help our children choose their careers. I am no expert in parenting but I am lucky to have come in contact with children in their 13th, 14th and 15th standards (college freshman). read more