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Yesterday (Sep 24th) saw the birth of  Fee-only India, a coming-together of SEBI registered fee-only financial planners at Mumbai. Ashal Juahari, admin of Facebook group Asan Ideas of wealth and I spent the day listening to and discussing with the fee-only financial planners from my list.

An organisation of financial planners who do not sell any products (get no commissions) and work for and with the clients they serve is an idea proposed by Piyush Khatrri. After discussions, fee-only India,  was identified as a catchy and representative name for the organisation. read more

Each week, I try and answer generic questions from readers. Here is this weeks edition. You can use the form below to ask your question.

Announcement: As part of Diwali sales, my first book: You can be Rich Too with Goal-Based Investing is available for a 21% discount (rs. 316) at Amazon and at a discount of 37% (Rs. 251) at FlipkartYou can also get my second book Gamechanger for Rs. 199 (Kindle Rs. 100) at Amazon read more


When we wish to choose a mutual fund, it is reasonable to expect it to have beat a benchmark (either the one chosen by the fund house or one representative of its category) consistently - say 8 times out of 10. Can we also impost an additional constraint? Expect the fund to fall lesser than the benchmark? Is that reasonable? Is there any correlation between the two? Here are some insights from the Sep 2017 Freefincal Equity Mutual Fund Outperformance Screener. read more


There are many who believe that cashless hospitalization facility available with medical insurance policies can be misused by hospitals and that it is better to pay cash and the reimburse it via the policy later. A discussion on should I use cashless hospitalization facility or pay and then reimburse?

What does misuse mean? Attempting to exhaust the sum insured limit without any need for it. Recommending more tests than necessary, an extended stay in an ICU, recommending an expensive room etc. Someone else may be paying the charges, but the hardship is on the patient and those who take care of them. read more


Suppose you wish to "put" some money in cryptocurrency (or cryptocoins), say Bitcoin, altcoin, litecoin, fartcoin etc. would you trade or would you invest? It is obvious that due to poor liquidity, the crypto market is volatile. So instinct would tell us caution is necessary. So trading (frequent buying and selling) with regular profit booking seems like an obvious choice to make some quick money rather than investing (buy and hold with periodic investing).  In this post, I discuss the fundamental difference between the currency market and capital markets and if something can be discerned about cryptocoin risks. read more