Have you ever wondered how the total expense ratio (TER) of a mutual fund is calculated? Or what the constituents of the TER are? The most authentic publically available source for understanding the TER is the annual report released by AMC.

Yesterday, Franklin Templeton announced to its investors that the abridged annual report for 2015-2016 was available for download. While some AMCs release category-wise annual reports, Franklin has a separate file for each fund.

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The finance ministry releases a notification today that government has accepted the minimum pay, fitment Factor, index of rationalisation, pay matrices and other recommendations of the seventh pay commission*

* Some features of the defence pay matrix have not been accepted (page 21 here). A full list of all recommendations also can be found there.

The revised pay can be computed with Seventh Pay Commission Calculator: Pay Fixation with Pay Matrix

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Here is a list of important terms, conditions and limitations to keep in mind before you decide to port your health insurance policy to another company.

Come this September, health insurance portability would be 5 years old! Yet, it is not an easy process to shift a health cover from one insurance to another. It never was!

Although IRDA has mandated no claim-based loading, medical inflation and a general increase in the number of claims (lower profits) can force an insurer to hike premiums to up to 200% as seen in the case of Oriental Insurance.

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The correlation between the Nifty PE and long-term bond yield (10-year GOI bond) is discussed in this post. I had earlier considered the relevance of the Nifty PE for the long-term investor and misconceptions about the Nifty PE.

A few days ago, I had asked, what is a high index PE?. There were two interesting comments by Deep and Kamal Garg who both said that high or low PE should be decided by considering interest rate (which is a reflection of inflation). Therefore, in this post, I revisit my rolling return analysis of the Nifty by factoring in the 10-year government bond yield which is the benchmark for PPF interest rate. 

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This is a major update announcement to the freefincal "low-stress" retirement calculator. I request your help and feedback in testing it. I also need to know if the pro version of the plugin with which it was created is worth a buy.

In May 2015, I finally managed to convert the low-stress retirement calculator with the trial version of spreadsheetconverter.com. This was a standalone html file. It was then made as an app at Google play.

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