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Many readers have asked me to explain how a financial plan is created with examples. I requested SEBI registered fee-only financial planner (meaning, no commissions and works only for you), Sukhvinder Sidhu to explain the financial plan creation process with an example. This is meant for those new to DIY investing and also those who wish to understand the role of a financial planner.

Sukhvinder is one of the most ethical and honorable people I have had the pleasure of interacting with. He spoke at the first Delhi DIY meet in March 2015. He is also in the freefincal list of fee-only financial planners read more

Each week, I try and answer generic questions on personal finance. You can use the form below to ask your question. Here is this week's edition.

Siva: Hi Sir, I have started a LIC policy (Jeevan Anand for 20 year period) as a last minute tax saving option 6 years back. I am paying 27000 P.A as premium. I have used this for 80c exemption for the last 6 years. I have few questions on closing this policy 1) Do I need to pay tax for last 6 years. 2) Do I need to pay tax for the amount I get back from LIC this year 3) I know they wont give back 27K*6 as closure amount, What is the normal range I can expect read more


With each passing day, our parents are growing old and their ability to be independent is gradually diminished. Elder care or senior care is a young, but rapidly evolving business, however, the ground reality is that, even if we are willing to pay, the competence and training levels are nowhere near adequate.

If there is one event that shakes up your finances it is an unexpected recurring expense. These days more and more middle-aged Indians are facing such an expense: finding someone to take care of their parent(s) while they need to work or go about their lives, often in another city or country. read more


In this post, I discuss why it is important for investors to not take mutual fund market cap classifications seriously. In particular, your "large cap fund" is probably either a multi-cap fund all the time or now and then. The notion of what is a giant cap, large cap, mid-cap, small-cap or micro-cap stock is not set in stone. Each analyst has their own definition and it is common to see a fund hop categories. read more

Each week I answer generic questions on personal finance. Here is this weeks edition. You can use the form below to ask your question.

Naimesh: Hi, There is a confusion about maximum limit of 6 L in this post: How much can we invest in multiple PPF accounts I have exactly a similar situation. As per your example, husband can invest 1.5L in his wife's account and 1.5L in his son's account and same for wife. How is it possible? Will they accept money without asking questions? Whose PAN used if i deposit my money into my wife's PPF account? read more