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List of Equity Mutual Funds with most consistent performance (Feb 2019)

Here is a list of equity mutual funds with the best performance consistency with respect to returns and risk as on Feb 2019. The results are taken from the freefincal equity mutual fund performance screener published yesterday. Shortlisting procedure: (1) download screener from above link, (2) enable macros, (3) demand consistent outperformance of the benchmark over at […]

Easily Shortlist Consistent Equity Mutual Funds (Feb 2019) with this sheet

The freefincal Equity Mutual Fund Performance Screener (Feb 2019) is available for download. Use this screener file to easily find best performing equity funds that have consistently outperformed category benchmarks/indices with good downside protection (better performance when the index is down)  and/or upside performance (better performance when the index is up). This screener is meant for DIY investors to select […]

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