How to buy a Super Top up Health Insurance policy

I discuss how to buy a super top up health insurance policy with examples on how it differs from a top-up policy and a base policy and why we need one. With medical costs increasing day by day, a medical cover of just a few lakhs will not be sufficient for us. Every day I am hearing accounts of medical bills in tens of lakhs. The average upper-middle-class salaried individual is unlikely to have a personal basic health insurance coverage. Most of them rely on their corporate health cover. Even those who have one are likely to have a cover of only a few lakh. Most of us need much higher cover and a medical corpus. I shall talk about the medical corpus next week and focus on super top up health insurance in this post. read more

How to close your loans and live debt-free

Follow these simple steps to learn how to close your loans and live debt-free. This week in ₹e-assemble, we shall discuss one of the most important money management problems for young earners – handling debt. You will be surprised as to how many people in their 20s and 30s nurse huge credit card debts, personal loan EMI and car loan EMI. In addition, many also have an education loan or later a  home loan or dream of owning a home ‘soon’. read more

Equity Mutual Fund Performance Screener Dec 2017

The freefincal Equity Mutual Fund Performance Screener Dec 2017 is now available. I have simplified the column names and entries for easy understanding and use.  Use this screener file to hunt for equity funds that have consistently outperformed category benchmarks/indices with good downside protection (better performance when index is down)  and/or upside performance (better performance when index is up). This screener is meant for DIY investors who hopefully would appreciate these unique metrics.  The  PlumbLine” is a set of handpicked mutual funds meant for the new investor to quickly get started when they use the  Freefincal Robo Advisory Software Template. read more

Don’t Be Fooled: SIP is NOT systematic investing!

Don’t be fooled by those who stand to profit from your investments!  SIP is NOT systematic investing! Starting a mutual fund SIP and continuing it through market ups and down has nothing to do with systematic investing. Buying mutual fund units on the same of day of each month is automation. It has nothing to do with “discipline” like sales guys, investment portals (“direct”/”regular”) and product manufacturers would have us believe. Automation simply means do the job repeatedly using machines or technology. Most people automate the task of buying mutual fund units without having a “system” of purchase and management. read more

Building a health insurance comparison chart + Cigna TTK vs Royal Sundaram Health Policies

Wouldn’t it be great to have a DIY health insurance comparison chart that will immediately help you shortlist policies with most relevant and beneficial features? You could then read the policy wordings of these and choose one easily. Using the comparison feature at policybazaar, here is a health insurance policy comparison template with six policies filled in. You can easily add more. Plus we continue our policy wordings walk-through with Cigna TTK ProHealth Plus and  Royal Sundaram Lifeline Supreme. We shall discuss their salient features and then compare them with the policies considered in previous wordings walk-throughs: Apollo Munich Optima Restore Benefit vs Max Bupa Re-fill Benefit and Star Health Comprehensive Insurance vs Religare Care Comprehensive Insurance. Let us first discuss three aspects that insurance buyers must be aware of. read more