Sensex Charts 35 year returns analysis – stock market returns vs risk distribution

How much return can I expect from the stock market? What is long-term in the stock market? What is the risk associated with the stock market? Regular readers may be aware that I have discussed these questions with returns and risk spreads from time to time. In my most comprehensive analysis, Sensex return charts for the last 35 years along with the return distributions are presented. These provide a visual representation of stock market risk. read more

How to review a mutual fund portfolio

I discuss simple ways in which a mutual fund portfolio associated with a long-term goal can be reviewed. This is a grey area in personal finance and there is no optimal way to do this. Each individual must necessarily develop their own style of review.  So multiple solutions are the norm here.

This post is about reviewing an existing equity portfolio and not about creating a new one. To create a new one, you can consider reading, Minimalist Portfolio Ideas for Young Earners read more

Investment planning case study 1: How to create an investment plan

This is part one of an investment planning case study in which we consider how to create an investment plan step by step using real data obtained from readers belonging to different age groups. This is step 10 of Re-assemble, a series on the basics of money management aimed at beginners and young earners. So far we have covered 9 steps and all set to move on to investing – with a clear purpose. In step 10 of re-assemble, let us consider an investment planning case study and learn how to create an investment plan. Before that here is a brief summary of all Re-assemble posts. read more

Death of a good mutual fund: DSP BlackRock Treasury Bill Fund

So AMCs’ have started ringing in changes to fall in line with SEBI’s Mutual Fund Scheme Categorization. DSP Blackrock is the first to announce a change in fundamental attributes of several of its funds. As expected, a wonderful debt fund, DSP BlackRock Treasury Bill Fund, will cease to exist. Thanks to Khushroo T Satarawala for posting details on FB group, Asan Ideas for wealth.

The circular is dated Jan 8th 2018 and has the following exit option read more

Mutual Fund Portfolio Growth Visualizer With Index Benchmarking

Download a free spreadsheet Mutual Fund Portfolio Growth Visualizer With Index Benchmarking. This will allow you to compare the growth of your mutual fund portfolio with a variety of BSE and NSE benchmark indices. This was to compare my retirement equity portfolio with Sensex and Nifty Next 50. Now it is your turn! Along with the sheet, I have also included a video user guide and a sample transaction sheet for testing. read more