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My financial journey was directionless until age 40: this is how I made up for lost time

In this edition of the reader story, we meet Mr H (name withheld on request), who explains that it is better later than never to get your finances back on track and start goal-based investing. About this series: I am grateful to readers for sharing intimate details about their financial lives for the benefit of readers. …

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Only 9 out of 87 thematic MFs have consistently outperformed Nifty 100

Only nine out of 87 thematic or sectoral mutual funds have consistently beaten the Nifty 100 Total Returns Index.  Nifty 100 was used because, if these funds cannot consistently beat a simple large cap index (equivalent to Nifty 50 or Sensex), it makes the entire category unsuitable for retail investors who might make the mistake…

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Why SEBI needs to categorize investment advisors like mutual funds

This article discusses why SEBI needs to categorize investment advisors like mutual funds as there is considerable confusion among investors. It has been almost nine years since the SEBI investment advisor regulations came into force. In essence, the rules mean that a person or entity has to be registered with SEBI to provide investment advice…

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