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If you click on "images" after searching for "medicine side effects", you will notice a t-shirt with a message that goes, "I take medication for diabetes which is a side-effect from my high BP which I got from taking sleeping tablets due to insomnia caused by anxiety which I got from a tablet given for chronic fatigue ....".

I am one of those guys. I was given steroids and azathioprine for Myasthenia Gravis (auto-immune deficiency). The steroids increased my HBA1C (a measure of average blood sugar) levels, increased my anxiety levels, among other things*. The azathioprine affected the shape of my RBCs, reducing my haemoglobin content. This has been my life since Sep. 2012 (freefincal was started four months before).

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If you ever wanted to get a list of all mutual funds benchmarked to the Nifty Next 50 or the Nifty Free Float Midcap 100, or simply wanted a listing of mutual funds and their benchmarks, your search ends here 🙂

Here is a list of 508 equity mutual funds (excluding ones closed for sales) and their benchmarks as listed at Value Reseach.

This is the benchmark distribution. The data is in the sheet below.

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Many investors worry that they would lose the benefit of compounding or growth if they switch mutual funds. A discussion on why is not true as part of the freefincal Q/A. As mentioned last week, I will respond to reader queries each Saturday. I was supposed to make a video response, but I don't quite feel up to it. So I thought I will respond in text. You can use the form below to enter your questions for next week.

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A napkin drawing is a rough sketch drawn to effectively communicate an idea. It is called a napkin drawing or a back-of-the-envelope sketch because it can be done anywhere. Carl Richard's napkin drawings are famous and he is an inspiration for me to attempt the same.

A visual representation of a complex fact can be quite convincing. The ideal napkin drawing requires zero context. Unfortunately, mine is nowhere near that good. So permit to offer a sentence or two in explanation. This is my third attempt.

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Each month, I publish equity mutual fund lump sum and SIP returns; upside capture, downside capture and capture ratios over 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 year periods determined up to Jan 5th 2017. This can be used as a screener to quickly select mutual funds.

Pranav Date wrote a code to match the Value Research fund name and category with appropriate AMFI scheme code. This is a crucial step as it would be very difficult to manually do this for 414 equity funds.

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