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Will PPF and SSY eligibility also be modified like Atal Pension Yojana to exclude income-tax payers?

On the 10th of August 2022, the Ministry of Finance announced, ” any citizen who is or has been an income-tax payer, shall not be eligible to join APY from 1st October 2022″. Further, “In case a subscriber, who joined on or after 1st October 2022, is subsequently found to have been an income-tax payer…

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Can I use ultra short duration funds instead for short-term goals?

A reader asks, “You usually recommend money market funds for short-term goals. Can we also consider Ultra Short Duration Funds for this purpose?’ The definition of money market funds is simple: “Investment in Money Market instruments having maturity up to 1 year”.Ultra-short duration funds are defined as “investment in Debt & Money Market instruments such…

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Conventional ETF tracking errors can be misleading here is how to correct them

In this article, we explain why conventional ways of measuring ETF tracking errors can be misleading and present an alternative. The efficiency of a passive fund (index fund or ETF) is measured by the tracking error or tracking difference. The tracking difference is simply the fund return minus benchmark return. This must be a small…

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