A high income will not make you RICH!!

This is a guest post by Brijesh Vappala a SEBI registered fee-only financial planner and member of fee-only India (FOI). This post marks his entry into my list of fee-only financial planners. I met Brijesh during the second FOI meet at Hyderabad last month. I requested Melvin Joseph, a familiar name to most readers to introduce Brijesh.


Brijesh Vappala was associated with the Financial Services Industry since 1998 and some of the roles handled were as follows: read more

Important notice about Cocoa usage: Does Cocoa contain too much Cadmium?

This is an important notice about Cocoa usage and for your urgent consideration if you have started using or drinking cocoa after reading my posts about it. On March 2nd, 2018, I had written an article on the daily health benefits of drinking Cocao. Since it has come to my attention that they may contain excessive amounts of toxic Cadmium, I, therefore, retract said article and recommend against its usage. read more

Want to get rich? Then measure your progress with these milestones

When it comes to money management, success can be measured in many ways. If it is personal finance, then it makes sense that the milestones be personal. Here are a few personal finance milestones that can help you gauge “where you stand today” on the road to wealth. Before we begin did you get a chance to read the previous post: How to reduce risk in an investment portfolio

The following assumes that you have read more

How to reduce risk in an investment portfolio

Often, It is only when we see a big drop in the stock market do we recognise the need to worry about risk and how to manage it. What if a market crash wipes all the returns I have got so far? What if there is not enough time to recover before I need to withdraw for my goal? These are some practical questions and I would like to consider practical answers for these in a series of posts, starting with this one: How do I reduce risk in an investment portfolio – part 1: the basics. read more

Fee-only advisor Journey: Piyush Khatri the Sachin Tendulkar of Fee-only India

This week on fee-only advisor journey, features Piyush Khatri, one of the first entrants into my list of fee-only planners, well before the advent of SEBI advisor regulations. Fee-only India, an association of fee-only financial advisors is also his idea. Why is he the Sachin Tendulkar of Fee-only India? Because as you will discover below, the tag of “young veteran” fits him well.

Who is a fee-only advisor, you ask? A person who gets your finances in order, helps you manage your money and achieve your goals. A person who works only for you. A person who directly or indirectly does not receive any commissions from any product seller. Remember that “fee-based advisor” or simply “financial advisor” almost always means sales guy who gets commissions and charges you a fee on top. So stay away from them or get rid of them and consult a fee-only planner from fee-only India today! read more