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Welcome. Whether you are new to freefincal and/or new to personal finance and money management, I sincerely hope you find this site useful. If you have just registered for email updates, I look forward to interacting with you.

pattu-600dpi Hi, My name is Pattabiraman and this is my website. I am an associate professor of Physics at IIT, Madras. I was drawn into the world of personal finance by accident when I found myself in debt trying to handle a family medical emergency. That story is detailed here: The Financial Arrow of Time.

Trying to set my finances in order, I started making calculators for planning for financial goals. Freefincal was started as a repository of free personal financial calculators when I realised that many people wanted to use such calculators.

The site which is completely non-profit in nature has now grown into a blog which offers analytical tools, analysis, research, perspective and opinion on various aspects of personal finance.

final-cover A good chunk of my research along with nine online calculators are part of a new book that I have co-authored with PV Subramanyam ( You can be rich too with goal-based investing









My second book, GameChanger is aimed at young earners just starting their careers. You can get this at Amazon









If you are new here, the site can appear sacry and daunting. So you can either start slow with a selection of articles linked below or you can download my latest ebook tailormade for new investors and beginners.

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Download Re-assemble: Step by step money management basics for beginners

The freefincal community comprises of readers, friends and well-wishers. The community supports Do-it-yourself (DIY) investors manage their finances. It also supports financial advisory free from conflict of interest.

This is the logo of the site. It an inverted percentage symbol. The people represent the readers who support freefincal in various ways via constructive criticism. Some of them have been kind enough to support the site via a monetary contribution.


I along with Ashal Jauhari (Facebook group Asan Ideas for Wealth admin) and other invited speakers conduct not-for-profit investor workshops around the country.

If you wish to organise a “money management for beginners” in your office, contact me with the email below. I do not charge for these sessions, just expect to be compensated for travel and expenses.

(I) Here are a few posts with which you can help you get accustomed to what freefincal is all about.

How to get started in money management

Personal Finance Self Evaluation Checklist

How to fortify your financial castle

How to Buy a Term Life Insurance Policy

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I hope you find the content useful. I look forward to your participation.

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Want to conduct a sales-free "basics of money management" session in your office?
I conduct free seminars to employees or societies. Only the very basics and getting-started steps are discussed (no scary math):For example: How to define financial goals, how to save tax with a clear goal in mind; How to use a credit card for maximum benefit; When to buy a house; How to start investing; where to invest; how to invest for and after retirement etc. depending on the audience. If you are interested, you can contact me: freefincal [at] Gmail [dot] com. I can do the talk via conferencing software, so there is no cost for your company. If you want me to travel, you need to cover my airfare (I live in Chennai)

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Gamechanger: Forget Start-ups, Join Corporate and Still Live the Rich Life you want
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About Freefincal

Freefincal has open-source, comprehensive Excel spreadsheets, tools, analysis and unbiased, conflict of interest-free commentary on different aspects of personal finance and investing. If you find the content useful, please consider supporting us by (1) sharing our articles and (2) disabling ad-blockers for our site if you are using one. We do not accept sponsored posts, links or guest posts request from content writers and agencies.

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45 thoughts on “Welcome To freefincal

  1. I am new in
    – new in mutual fund
    – new in transaction on-line with Bank

    I could not enter the request to participate in the DIY workshop in Bangalore on 23rd. Is there any way to pay the amount on cash in the venue? Also since I am new in Mutual fund arena, I hope to benefit from from the workshop.

    I could not run the excel sheets downloaded e.g. fd-calculator-effective-no-of-days-in-a-year.xlxm ? Have I missed something ?

    tapan sengupta

  2. I once read that this blog doesn’t support any ads at all.

    But today Iam seeing lot of ads. Is the mind behind left or what happened?

    1. Unfortunately, the ads are necessary to cover increasing hosting, maintenance and newsletter fees. Not a decision we are proud of, but there it is. More details about the nature of the ads can be found in privacy policy page.

  3. Sir,
    I am mew to mutual fund investing.I have started an SIP in Franklin India Smaller Companies Fund Direct Growth since 2014.
    Please advice me how to calculate the the profits generated out of this SIP.

  4. I have 2 queries about SCSS (Senior Citizen Saving Scheme).
    1- Can I open two separate SCSS account of Rs 15 L each ,one in my name and other in the name of my wife (senior citizen and house wife) from my Retirement Corpus?
    2-Can I re-open two separate SCSS account of Rs 15 L each as above after completion of maturity of 8 years of accounts mentioned against s.n. 1 above?

  5. Can you please create a full featured tracker of all our investments (with goal linking) and daily expenses in a single excle.
    Like you have
    1. a daily expense tracker
    2. An Integrated financial planner (Recurring, non-recurring goals and Retirement)
    3. Goal Tracker where MF transation can be uploaded.
    4. Retirement calculator with EPF input

    Can all these be integrated into one single file? I mean an excel file where everything will be available. That is
    1. One will be able to calculate the Required Life Insurance, Retirement Calculations, Recurring & Non-Recurring goal planner (exactly like the Integrated Planner)
    2. We can input all our MFs (SIP & Lumpsum) and tagged them with each goal (The Goal Tracker)
    3. We can also input the PPF, EPF, RD, FD, debt instrument etc if any and can link them with goals(either short term or long term or emergency fund)
    4. One can input the current health and term insurance and it will reflect the additional requirement if any.
    5. One can enter his/her salary/gross monthly income and the monthly expenses catagory wise (household/rent/emi/insurance premium/etc). The investment will be linked to it so that after everything(expenses and savings) the surplus will be shown.
    6. A graph represent of the debt/equity/gold/real state etc investment ratio can be seen.
    7. The ratio of the current investment (debt/equity/etc) linked to each goal can be seen. So that rebalancing may be done as per that.
    And many more….
    An updated all-in-one Tracker cum Calculator.. It would be highly obliged if you create such.

  6. Hi,

    New to this forum and it’s very informative. I was going through ‘’ and follow the steps but couldn’t find ‘long term performance’. Am I missing something?

  7. As a retired person,I find this blog informative and useful for people like me. I dint know this earlier. .Tools of financial planning should be learnt by every person as soon as he starts earning.I would even suggest that this is taught from the secondary school level or college level at least. I congratulate you for creating this awareness to people thro’ this blog!1 shall bethankful if you can send to my mail id given below the interesting articles on the subject =especially on topics like NPS ,Mutual fund selection etc,

  8. the article was very informative.i have a query. which form should i use for filling long term capital loss and where it is to be filled.

  9. Hi,

    Thank you very much for the efforts at educating newbies . I am absolutely new to the idea of investing and always felt that saving and investing was for others not for me.

    I recently realized that my ability to continue to earn increasing amount of money every year was finite. That was when reality kicked in and i started to tabulate my expenses ( for the last 3 months ). This, believe me, was an eye opener. In as much that i started to weed out unnecessary and impulsive purchases ( made more because there was a tempting offer than actual and immediate use ). Restricted my use of Plastic except in exigent situations( I realized that every time i pay in cash i think before actually making the purcahse ).

    Having woken up from my slumber i started to write to a couple of people seeking advice and also to read about Personal Finance. Started interacting with IFA’s. I could not comprehend most of what they said and how they arrived at the numbers. Realizing that i needed to read more started trawling the net and came across this site in reference and travelled here.

    Needless to say, i got hooked.

    Thanks once again

  10. Sir,
    I am doing investment with help of financial planner , who had given a 35-40 Mutual funds i am continuously hearing 7-15 MF are more than enough i asked my FP that why so many funds he had informed me that the risk appetite & goals are not known to every one so don’t go on their general stamen ts.

    I have only 1 asset class ie MF in which i am investing monthly since 2013.Can you please guide me should i change my FP , he is doing MF purchase on his on that not online form based only.Is i am doing correct ?

    1. You will have to give more details. Did you use windows? Did you login to ValueResearch via Excel (not browser) before using as mentioned?

    1. I have laid any restrictions on their use. You can pay me by citing my work and by referring freefincal 🙂

  11. SIR
    SIR PLEASE suggest me i have 3 lack rupees in my a/c.where i invest it for more profite

  12. Hello perfect sheet , congratulations i would to wonder if i can do the analyse for european stocks with morning star
    Or How can i do it
    Thks in Advance

  13. Dear Sir, I joined your group long after you had started it and still I am in the process of catching up. I find your articles very informative, loaded with knowledge and useful. Thank you for them.
    In some articles you use words/ phrases/ short forms used in the earlier articles. Most of the times explaining notes or links are available but some often used terms are not explained and being new, I do not know them.
    As for this google spreadsheet, will google or any other agency know the details of my investments?
    How will I know my question has been answer?

    1. Google will not know about your investments! I do not understand the rest of your comment. I do not have any group. Am only a member in Asan.

  14. Please provide accurate 5 year FD INTEREST CALCULATOR worksheet which can calculate interest earned (with or without TDS for any intermediate period of an ongoing FD for any intervening period or financial year. Will be used for Advance Tax or even for calcuting Interest income on any FD(s)

  15. every one needs money, even mr.pattabhi needs money, he is not selling book free. this is his style, we people need free knowledge at least let him earn from the adds. NO one will work free, are u working free or are u doing business with out margin? I support Mr. Pattabhi in this matter. He is not god to work with out money. He is human, even he needs money.

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