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  1. I am new in
    – new in mutual fund
    – new in transaction on-line with Bank

    I could not enter the request to participate in the DIY workshop in Bangalore on 23rd. Is there any way to pay the amount on cash in the venue? Also since I am new in Mutual fund arena, I hope to benefit from from the workshop.

    I could not run the excel sheets downloaded e.g. fd-calculator-effective-no-of-days-in-a-year.xlxm ? Have I missed something ?

    tapan sengupta

  2. I once read that this blog doesn’t support any ads at all.

    But today Iam seeing lot of ads. Is the mind behind freefinal.com left or what happened?

    1. Unfortunately, the ads are necessary to cover increasing hosting, maintenance and newsletter fees. Not a decision we are proud of, but there it is. More details about the nature of the ads can be found in privacy policy page.

      1. Sir: the personsl, who wants to filter “ad” let him/her copy to the word and paste and all the ads will b filtered including graphs. Only text will be available for reading…. if investors want to look graphs let them go the site and see..

  3. Sir,
    I am mew to mutual fund investing.I have started an SIP in Franklin India Smaller Companies Fund Direct Growth since 2014.
    Please advice me how to calculate the the profits generated out of this SIP.

  4. I have 2 queries about SCSS (Senior Citizen Saving Scheme).
    1- Can I open two separate SCSS account of Rs 15 L each ,one in my name and other in the name of my wife (senior citizen and house wife) from my Retirement Corpus?
    2-Can I re-open two separate SCSS account of Rs 15 L each as above after completion of maturity of 8 years of accounts mentioned against s.n. 1 above?

  5. Can you please create a full featured tracker of all our investments (with goal linking) and daily expenses in a single excle.
    Like you have
    1. a daily expense tracker
    2. An Integrated financial planner (Recurring, non-recurring goals and Retirement)
    3. Goal Tracker where MF transation can be uploaded.
    4. Retirement calculator with EPF input

    Can all these be integrated into one single file? I mean an excel file where everything will be available. That is
    1. One will be able to calculate the Required Life Insurance, Retirement Calculations, Recurring & Non-Recurring goal planner (exactly like the Integrated Planner)
    2. We can input all our MFs (SIP & Lumpsum) and tagged them with each goal (The Goal Tracker)
    3. We can also input the PPF, EPF, RD, FD, debt instrument etc if any and can link them with goals(either short term or long term or emergency fund)
    4. One can input the current health and term insurance and it will reflect the additional requirement if any.
    5. One can enter his/her salary/gross monthly income and the monthly expenses catagory wise (household/rent/emi/insurance premium/etc). The investment will be linked to it so that after everything(expenses and savings) the surplus will be shown.
    6. A graph represent of the debt/equity/gold/real state etc investment ratio can be seen.
    7. The ratio of the current investment (debt/equity/etc) linked to each goal can be seen. So that rebalancing may be done as per that.
    And many more….
    An updated all-in-one Tracker cum Calculator.. It would be highly obliged if you create such.

  6. Hi,

    New to this forum and it’s very informative. I was going through ‘https://freefincal.files.wordpress.com/2012/12/how-to-choose-a-mutual-fund.pdf’ and follow the steps but couldn’t find ‘long term performance’. Am I missing something?

  7. As a retired person,I find this blog informative and useful for people like me. I dint know this earlier. .Tools of financial planning should be learnt by every person as soon as he starts earning.I would even suggest that this is taught from the secondary school level or college level at least. I congratulate you for creating this awareness to people thro’ this blog!1 shall bethankful if you can send to my mail id given below the interesting articles on the subject =especially on topics like NPS ,Mutual fund selection etc,

  8. the article was very informative.i have a query. which form should i use for filling long term capital loss and where it is to be filled.

  9. Hi,

    Thank you very much for the efforts at educating newbies . I am absolutely new to the idea of investing and always felt that saving and investing was for others not for me.

    I recently realized that my ability to continue to earn increasing amount of money every year was finite. That was when reality kicked in and i started to tabulate my expenses ( for the last 3 months ). This, believe me, was an eye opener. In as much that i started to weed out unnecessary and impulsive purchases ( made more because there was a tempting offer than actual and immediate use ). Restricted my use of Plastic except in exigent situations( I realized that every time i pay in cash i think before actually making the purcahse ).

    Having woken up from my slumber i started to write to a couple of people seeking advice and also to read about Personal Finance. Started interacting with IFA’s. I could not comprehend most of what they said and how they arrived at the numbers. Realizing that i needed to read more started trawling the net and came across this site in reference and travelled here.

    Needless to say, i got hooked.

    Thanks once again

  10. Sir,
    I am doing investment with help of financial planner , who had given a 35-40 Mutual funds i am continuously hearing 7-15 MF are more than enough i asked my FP that why so many funds he had informed me that the risk appetite & goals are not known to every one so don’t go on their general stamen ts.

    I have only 1 asset class ie MF in which i am investing monthly since 2013.Can you please guide me should i change my FP , he is doing MF purchase on his on that not online form based only.Is i am doing correct ?

    1. You will have to give more details. Did you use windows? Did you login to ValueResearch via Excel (not browser) before using as mentioned?

      1. Sir,Am a new comer of your channel. Learning things from your website… Recently i have read about Niftybees articles..But I have doubt regarding the valuation of Niftybees Share price? In zerodha brokerage site,it is showing Rs.92
        as LTP, same time NIPPON NIFTY50 ETF showing Rs.15 As NAV.So if I plan to do SIP in Niftybees means Where should I invest my Money? Rs.92 or Rs.15..??

    1. I have laid any restrictions on their use. You can pay me by citing my work and by referring freefincal 🙂

  11. SIR
    SIR PLEASE suggest me i have 3 lack rupees in my a/c.where i invest it for more profite

  12. Hello perfect sheet , congratulations i would to wonder if i can do the analyse for european stocks with morning star
    Or How can i do it
    Thks in Advance

  13. Dear Sir, I joined your group long after you had started it and still I am in the process of catching up. I find your articles very informative, loaded with knowledge and useful. Thank you for them.
    In some articles you use words/ phrases/ short forms used in the earlier articles. Most of the times explaining notes or links are available but some often used terms are not explained and being new, I do not know them.
    As for this google spreadsheet, will google or any other agency know the details of my investments?
    How will I know my question has been answer?

    1. Google will not know about your investments! I do not understand the rest of your comment. I do not have any group. Am only a member in Asan.

  14. Please provide accurate 5 year FD INTEREST CALCULATOR worksheet which can calculate interest earned (with or without TDS for any intermediate period of an ongoing FD for any intervening period or financial year. Will be used for Advance Tax or even for calcuting Interest income on any FD(s)

  15. every one needs money, even mr.pattabhi needs money, he is not selling book free. this is his style, we people need free knowledge at least let him earn from the adds. NO one will work free, are u working free or are u doing business with out margin? I support Mr. Pattabhi in this matter. He is not god to work with out money. He is human, even he needs money.

  16. Hello Sir . I have downloaded the Stock Screener September 2018 version . I am using a Windows 10 OS . Firstly , when I open the excel file , there is no option to login to Value Research via excel . But when I click on get data from Input Markets Sheet a login page for VR on excel appears but when I put my credentials in , I get the 1400 error . I hadlogged out of VR on the website whilst I was doing this . Please help me overcome the problem .

  17. Hi Pattu,

    I’m unable to find Version 4 of MF SIP XIRR Tracker, released in Jan 2019, on your site. Can you please guide me to it.


  18. Hi Pattu Sir,

    Is it advisable to invest in US fund other than India funds?

    Thank You,

  19. Dear Sir,Myself Kedar from Pune.I am doing SIPs (all Direct Growth)I see your all Videos on Youtube
    ICICI Pru Bluechip 4k
    SBI Bluechip 2k
    ICICI Value Discovery 2k
    Axis Focused 25 2k
    HDFC Capital Builder 1k
    HDFC Smallcap 1k
    Axis Long Term Eq 4k
    SBI Eq Hybrid 1k
    SBI Magnum Multicap 1k
    Mirae Asset Tax Saver 4k
    I am going to get 20lacs lumsum.How to invest for Long Term?
    Thanks and Regards

  20. Deas sir,

    Need your assistance on renewing my inlaws health insurance. 2016 I had purchased religare care health insurance policies for my inlaws for a cover of 5lakh PA. One of my inlaw has diabetes so the waiting period of any ailment related to it s 4yrs and other has no existing issues. Their age is 62 & 56 repectively. For the first 3yrs the premium was for 28000 now for the fourth year the premium is revised to 41000. Is this normal by all standards? I took this policy via bank after that I pay my dues online through the site. Need your assistance on the same sir. Is the rise in premium justified? Is it the same from all insurance companies

  21. Thank you for some other fantastic article. Where else may anyone get that type of information in such an ideal
    method of writing? I have a presentation subsequent week, and I’m at the search
    for such information.

  22. Sir can you please let me know from where can i create a graph showcasing the comparison between 10 month moving average and NAV of any mutual fund.
    Lets say for example i want to do tactical Asset allocation for small cap fund and want to use the Ten Month moving average approach. So can you please let me know from where i can get that.
    Thanks a lot for all your knowledge sharing and session videos.

  23. Sir
    My Name is Basavaraj S Bheemareddy aged 59 year from Hospet in karnataka I am retiring next year from Govt. service.
    Detail of investment in mutual fund as follows:
    I have invested in HDFC EQUITY and HDFC top 100 since 2015 in SIP mode But when both fund starting giving negative return and i have stopped SIP and accumulate around 20lac in both funds. I have not redeemed both fund Now as per financial advisor i have started to investing in HDFC CAPITAL builder and HDFC midcap fund. In both these funds i have SIP of Rs 5000 in each fund. Further i have done lump sum investing in HDFC Equity and HDFC top 100 whenever there there is dip in market. Kindly suggest where my strategic correct or not. Whether it is advisable to redeem any of these fund further most of the financial advisers suggest not to have to many funds from the same fund house. ie., HDFC. Kindly advise me suitable in the above matter.

  24. Hi Pattu, I am an investor in the Aditya Birla Tax Releif 96 fund even though I don’t need 80C benefit. Presently I am holding 35L in this fund and I see no reason to stop….I am investing 2.5 L every month in SIP more in this one fund.
    Once it reached 60L, I indent to stop. I am 53 and I will hold this for as long as this is clearly my surplus money that I might need when I am 70+
    I choose this fund because (1) it has beaten most Multicap funds and the Nifty 200 TRI bench mark convincingly (2) Since this is a three year lock in fund I will have to stay invested and will not waver with my choice and the noise around me. (3) It has a 40% mid cap as well so I don’t need another mid cap fund (5) Its a true to label Multicap (6) Its a good fund house.
    When I saw your review about this fund you said don’t invest if you don’t need 80C and because it is lock in fund it will not give you more return. I think both your observations are wrong. In fact I suggest my close friends to start with an ELSS so that it forces them to stay the course.
    I don’t intend to find fault in your review but I am trying to understand why we are thinking differently

  25. I am a regular reader of your posts for more than an year now and have learnt a lot from them. Keep up the good work ! It will be very good if links (and only links) to all tools/calculators are shown together (also mentioning date of update in the title) in a separate page as an ordered list.

  26. G-secs are now available for retail investors.If you invest say in a 30 year G-sec,then effectively you can lock the current interest rate for the next 30 years.This seems to be advantageous now because FD interest rate in India could fall to near zero ( as is the case in developed markets ) or negative.I also remember my father FD interest rate 25 years ago used to be as high as 12 – 13 % per annum.So locking the current interest rate for next 30 years seems to be advantageous to me ( age 52 years ) as I can use the G-sec interest rate as main component of my retirement bucket No.1,in your retirement simulator.Ofcourse due to the taxation,the post-tax returns of these G-secs would be inferior to debt MFs for the next few years but would be greater after say 15 years or so when FD interest rates in India approach zero.Am I missing anything in my above
    logic ?

  27. Sir,Am a new comer of your channel. Learning things from your website… Recently i have read about Niftybees articles..But I have doubt regarding the valuation of Niftybees Share price? In zerodha brokerage site,it is showing Rs.92
    as LTP, same time NIPPON NIFTY50 ETF showing Rs.15 As NAV.So if I plan to do SIP in Niftybees means Where should I invest my Money? Rs.92 or Rs.15..??

  28. Hi sir can you suggest site or worksheet to calculate CAGR of Stock that considers dividends, splits and bonus for give range that is . For example ONGC from 1.4.2010 to 1.4.2020

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