Category: Reader Story

How I selected a health insurance policy

In this post, Niten Kapoor discusses how he selected a health insurance policy. In my previous article on health insurance, I had invited readers to compare policies as guest posts. Niten agreed to write about how he compared policies and selected one. This is part of Re-assemble – a series on the basics of money management […]

How Ashal & Banking Ombudsman helped get my money back from a failed credit card payment

This is an account of how a member of Facebook group Asan Ideas for Wealth(AIFW), – let us call her Jenna – got her money back after a failed credit card payment with the help group admin Ashal Jauhari and the banking ombudsman. Although the circumstance of the failed transaction discussed below is not common, […]

Reader Story: Arise, Awake and DIY!

This is a guest post by one of the earliest freefincal readers, Anish Mohan.  In 2001, Anish, a profound believer in Swami Vivekananda abandoned his romance for communism and took up a job in the Indian software industry, where he witnessed the good days of post-liberalisation era, punctuated with events of the 2008 global crash. In […]