What Should I consider when hiring a fee-only financial planner?

When I announced the launch of Fee-only India, a coming together of SEBI registered fee-only financial planners to help clients and each other, Alok Singh, made this interesting suggestion: “It’s a good initiative to bring fee-only FPs under one roof. Would it possible to come up with a post describing as to what factor/points one should consider while hiring a fee-only planner? There are many fee-only FP and people might be finding it difficult to choose one. Even after hiring one, many times doubt arises whether it was a good decision, once we refer to his/her advice and what we have learnt over a period of time (this happened with me when the advice was going southward from what I’ve learnt, but still I am following advise)”. read more

What is the real purpose of a Financial Plan?

What is the objective behind creating a  financial plan? Who is it meant for?  Do young earners or DIY investors need the services of a fee-only financial planner to create a professional plan? In this guest post, Vikram Krishnamoorthy,  SEBI registered fee-only financial planner tackles these questions and discusses the real purpose of creating a financial plan and common misconceptions associated with it. read more

Fee-only India: launch of a movement to serve investors and advisors

Yesterday (Sep 24th) saw the birth of  Fee-only India, a coming-together of SEBI registered fee-only financial planners at Mumbai. Ashal Juahari, admin of Facebook group Asan Ideas of wealth and I spent the day listening to and discussing with the fee-only financial planners from my list.

An organisation of financial planners who do not sell any products (get no commissions) and work for and with the clients they serve is an idea proposed by Piyush Khatrri. After discussions, fee-only India,  was identified as a catchy and representative name for the organisation. read more