Now Available! Interactive online tables of mutual fund return/risk metrics

Sortable and searchable online tables of mutual fund returns and up/down capture ratios are now available.


Each month, I release a list of equity mutual fund lump sum and SIP returns; upside capture, downside capture and capture ratios over 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 year periods.

The full excel file cane be found here: Aug 2016: List of Equity Mutual Fund Returns & Up/Down Capture Ratios


In an effort to convert this data to interactive html tables, here are sortable search table of the following categories:

Large Cap Mutual Funds Aug 2016: Returns and Capture Ratios

Mid-cap Mutual Funds Aug 2016: Returns and Capture Ratios


Multi-cap mutual funds Aug 2016: Returns and Capture Ratios

Small-cap Mutual Funds Aug 2016: Returns and Capture Ratios

Do check out the interactive features like searching,sorting and pagination. Soon individual columns will have filter options.


Do let me know suggestions for improvement.

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3 thoughts on “Now Available! Interactive online tables of mutual fund return/risk metrics

  1. Feedback: Brilliant. You are being so helpful to every one.

    Suggestions: 1. Possibly in the first tab, give legends what each column/sheet stand for. E.g. EQ-INTL=International mutual funds, EQ-BANK=BANK Sector fund. Also include what is upside, downside capture rations mean, 1Y upside/downside return etc. mean in the legend. Just one or two lines would suffice to give a starting point to readers. Also it would be helpful for people who are NEW to your site and when these excel sheets are shared they will not understand what is downside means in the sheet.
    2. Explain in the first tab what the readers should keep in mind e.g. Will the data be automatically adjusted as time passes by? A “contact” info to report any issues, broken links etc.

  2. Please recheck your calculations.

    I just went through the EQ-LC sheet. All the data for BSL Frontline Equity and BSL Sensex ETF is exactly same. Similarly for IPru Advisor Series and IPru Focused Bluechip Equity, even though the data for Downside, Upside and Capture Ratio is different; that for SIP and Lumpsum returns is exactly the same.

    There may be similar errors in other sheets as well.

  3. I think you are doing a great service to the investor community! Kudos to you for that.
    If you could tell us how to use these spreadsheets for purposes of investment, that would help further!

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