GameChanger is now available at Amazon: Paperback and Kindle

My second book, Gamechanger: Forget Start-ups, Join Corporate and Still Live the Rich Life you wantco-authored with Pranav Surya is now available at Amazon as paperback (₹ 199) and Kindle (free in unlimited or ₹ 129 – you could read with their free app on PC/tablet/mobile, no kindle necessary).

What does the book offer?

This step by step guide to your version of the Rich Life includes:
– How your attitude toward money should move over from ‘past looking’ to ‘future focusing’
– How to find mistake fares to Europe, Pacific and Far East and make that extended 4-day weekend, Thai trip for under 10k INR
– Years of research resulting in 40 resources of ‘free and cheap accommodations’ for vacations
– How credit cards can help you lower home-loan payments
– Tried-and-tested scripts to negotiate down credit card, Phone and Internet Bills – How to setup the cash flow, so that you can make Diwali, Birthdays and other repetitive expenditures, a breeze
– How to make big purchases like a home or a car – a walk in the park
– How to invest for your retirement with peanut money now
– Enjoy guilt-free irrational spending while also being responsible over the future Automate every part of your money life All this and much more, designed within a 5-week framework to make you the happiest person alive! read more

Should I Buy the Apple iPhone 7 With Cash or Using EMIs?

At the time of writing, the Apple iPhone 7 (Black, 32GB) costs Rs. 49,994 at Amazon. Should I  pay cash* or pay EMIs over 12 months at an interest rate of 13%?  This situation is quite common in life and there are interesting arguments for and against each option that cannot be justified with math. It also offers a chance to understand more aspects of the time value of money. This is part 2 of the “time is money” series. read more

How I transferred my home loan from LICHFL to SBI and saved 12 Lakhs!

In this edition of “reader story”, Ravi Kiran describes his experience of procuring a home loan from LIC Housing Finance (LICHFL) and then transferring it to SBI, thereby saving over Rs. 12 Lakh in interest.

UPDATE: MD and CEO of MF Utility, V Ramesh will be joining Ashal and me at the PUNE DIY Investor meet on 26th Feb. Registration link below.


Dear freefincal readers, I am Ravi Kiran, working as School Asst. in Education Dept. Govt. Of Andhra Pradesh…. Would like to share my experience of Housing Loan Process… read more

Home Loan Transfer Calculator: Base Rate To MCLR Switch

Use this calculator to check the benefits (if any) associated with switching your home loan. Either from one bank to another or from base rate to MCLR (Marginal Cost of Funds based Lending Rate). This is an updated version of the Home Loan Transfer Calculator (Mortgage Refinance) with an ability to check benefits for (a) same EMI, lower tenure and (b) reduced EMI, same tenure.

With the slashing of the one-year MCLR rate, home loans have got attractive by at least 1%.  So it is now time to check if it is beneficial to transfer the loan to a rate. This is not exactly intuitive. The cost and fees have to be accounted for, along with the decrease in tax saving. read more

Mobile Wallets in India: A comparison

Here is a comparison of charges, limits and key features of mobile wallets in India. This is a guest post byPranav Date – the guy singularly responsible for making the monthly returns calculation such as this possible: November 2016: Equity Mutual Fund SIP, Lump sum returns & capture ratios.

The yapping below is mine. Pranav supplied the key data and insights which made this post possible. He does not endorse all my opinions about wallets 🙂 read more