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Excel Home Loan Amortization Schedule Template

Use this Excel-based template for creating an amortization schedule for your home loan. It allows you to visualize the monthly and yearly evolution of interest and principle components and the balance of the loan. It can accommodate regular (monthly, quarterly, bi-annual and annual) and irregular (random months) pre-payment schedules. It can also handle a loan […]

Prepay Home Loan or Invest?

As someone who knows very little about home loans, the popularity of the titular question never fails to surprise me. When this question was asked again in the facebook group, Asan Ideas for Wealth (AIFW), I learnt something new. Here is an account of my understanding. I thank the members of AIFW for their insight. […]

Before applying for a BIGGER home loan and buying a BIGGER house, read this

“This is a guest post from Abhinav Gulechha.  Abhinav is a Certified Financial Planner and writes at Views expressed are personal.” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ In today’s credit-driven economy in which we live, one can buy anything provided you have the income to support it. Owing to an easy availability of home loans and rising salary levels, it […]

How do you manage your debt?

This is a guest post by Jaina Shah (Co – Founder and Director – Credexpert). Credexpert is a credit and debt counselling company and has a team of industry experts who handhold individuals through their credit life cycle. Follow these simple 5 steps and you will always have no debt stress or find yourself in […]

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