Go to a bank or post office and you can locate a board that lists typical transaction times. Here is how long each basic step in financial planning will take.


  • You know that equity investing is necessary to combat inflation.
  • You recognise the bad investments in your folio and have decided what to do about them. If not, spend a couple of hours over a weekend to sort this out.
  • You dont have any debt except a home-loan. If you do, perform steps 1-8 below, clear your debt and then resume.
  • You do not ask for product solutions in Asan Ideas for Wealth. Do that and the decision-making time will at least triple.

1) Scrounge around for extra cash to set up an emergency fund. – 10 mins  to think about it and less than a few hours to implement it.

2) Follow it up by allocating at least 10% of your salary each month to this emergency fund until it grows to a decent size – 10 mins  to automate this process

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Dear young earner, what do you wish to optimise? Your money? Or your time?

Would you rather dig deeper and deeper into money management and learn "best" ways to "optimise" money management? Or would you rather spend some mandatory time in getting your finances in order and let it run in auto-pilot with periodic maintenance and use the rest  of your spare time in doing what you love?

If money management is your passion, for eg. finding 'good' business to co-own as a shareholder,  then this choice obviously disappears. And perhaps there maybe some hybrid choices in between the two - I don't care.

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Here is a personal financial self-evaluation checklist that can be used by beginners and veterans alike.  It has been developed from how to Conduct a Personal Financial Audit and my own audits which are done each December. Here are the links to my 20152014 and 2013 personal finance audits.

If you like the checklist, you can attempt answering and act on them – a few each week. A pdf version is available for download at the end of the post.

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Using a retirement calculator for the first time can be a nightmarish experience. Many users have complained that the low-stress retirement calculator is low-stress before using it and high-stress after!

I would like to think much of this stress is due to a lack of understanding of how a corpus grows over time.  Although investments in volatile asset classes do not compound like a fixed deposit, their growth can be represented as such. As long as we understand that the return assumed is the average considered over the period of investment, and not the one obtained each year, it should be okay.

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All of us have to deal with various types of recurring expenses - ones that knock on our doors, once a month, a quarter or a year. In this post, I would like to discuss some simple ways to handle these on auto-pilot with minimal maintenance.

Perhaps this post maybe a bit too simple for experienced readers. In which case you can, if agree with what I have to say, consider sharing it with your younger colleagues/friends with the sharing buttons on the left.

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