World Cups Serve as Wonderful Life Markers!

As I begin to write this, the cricket world cup 2015 final is scheduled to begin in an hour. World cups occur once in four years which can be a mini lifetime!  Each cricket and football world cup, I ask myself, where was I the last time it was played? Where will I be the next time it will be played?

‘Where’ here refers to my life as a whole and not just my fiscal health.  If I feel happy during a world cup, I am almost certain that the law of averages will strike and that I will be sad during the next event. If I feel sad during a world cup, I am also most certain that the law of averages will fail and that I will continue to remain sad come the next event.

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To buy, or to rent, that is the question.

When should I buy a house? Should I buy it as soon as possible, or should I wait for property prices to ease? Should I invest and then buy with it after some years? How important is it to have a property that we can call our own? Why can’t I stay in rent forever?

A look at some of these issues sourced out of my comments from a thread at Facebook group Asan Ideas for Wealth.

I have received suggestions to make a rent vs. buy calculator.  I believe such calculations are problematic  since the only input that makes a difference is the rate at which property prices appreciate.

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Tax Savings Through National Pension Scheme: PFRDA Newsletter

The following is a communication clarifying tax savings through the National Pension Scheme (NPS) from the Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority (PFRDA).  Click on the image to enlarge.  I am posting it purely by way of information because I have received several emails on the subject.  This is not a recommendation for NPS.  If you are considering using the NPS for saving tax or for your retirement, please do read the following:

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Second Investor Workshop at Bangalore

The second investor workshop on financial planning and goal-based investing at Bangalore will be held on April 12th, 2015. We already have 120 participants registered. Only about 20 seats left.

Event Details

The workshop will cover basic aspects of

  • financial planning
  • goal-based investing
  • direct equity investing and ways of stock selection
  • mutual fund selection and analysis
  • goal tracking and portfolio management.


1) Pattu –

2) Krishna Kishore

3) Deepak Shenoy

4) V Muthu Krishnan

Registration Fee: Rs. 750 per person. Do register with your spouse if possible.

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Personal Finance Self Evaluation Checklist

Here is a personal financial self-evaluation checklist.  If you like it, print the pdf version and attempt answering and act on them – a few each week.

I present only questions here with short observations. Detailed answers/solutions can be found in previous posts. You can search for them or leave a comment and I will post the links.

If you resolve to answer a couple of questions per week, I am confident that you will soon have complete control over your financial life.  Obviously this is not exhaustive, but hopefully will cover the important bases.

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