Guide to efile Income Tax Return For AY 2014-15

This is a guest post by Aparna C K.  She has compiled the following guide to e-file income tax return for AY 2014-15.  If you have already filed your ITR, do forward this post to a person who is yet to do so.


How to file ITR using efile website:

Create a login. This is useful for future also.

  1. Go to this site:
  2. Click on Register on the top-right, to create a login. A page will appear asking for details.
  3. This blog targets common people and not any other user type listed. Out of the two options in the first line of the “User Type” page, select individual, unless you know that you are HUF.
  4. Follow the steps. Be sure to enter the correct First name, middle name and Surname as per PAN database. Otherwise check it in this link, using your PAN.
  5. Enter all the necessary details correctly, your registration will be successful. PAN no will be your user ID
  6. Know which ITR you are supposed to file:

a)If you have an income from just salary, house property and bank deposits (Savings, FD, RD, Flexi RD), it is ITR1

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BSE Stocks Historical Price Downloader

Use this Excel tool to download historical prices of all 22,047 scrips listed in the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE).

This is a companion tool to the S&P BSE Indices Historical Data Downloader (values, PE, PE, Div. Yield) of 27 S&P BSE Indices.)

The scrips are categorised as follows

  • Equity -shares
  • Equity – Institutional Series
  • Debentures and Bonds
  • GOI securities
  • Preference Shares
  • MF – FMPs

You can download the historical price data (along with no of. shares, no. of trades, total turnover) by following 5 simple steps.

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Mutual Fund Investing: Risk vs. Reward vs. Volatility

Nearly two years ago, one of my personal finance influencers, Ramesh Mangal, cautioned me that there is no clear-cut relationship between risk and reward. Although he had pointed me towards proof of the same, I did not pay much heed to it at that time.

Now after being reasonably comfortable with commonly used risk-return metrics like alpha, beta, Sharpe ratio, Sortino ratio etc. I am beginning to understand what he meant.

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Young Earners: Do not invest Rs. 1.5 Lakh in PPF!

In the previous post in the ‘young earner’ series, I had listed down a set of personal finance essentials. Two points appear to have caught the eye of many readers.

  1. Do not open a PPF account
  2. Do not start a SIP in an ELSS fund

In this post I would like to expound on the first point. But first, a quick look at the second.

Do not start a SIP in an ELSS fund because each instalment will be lock-in for 3 years. Instead, open an account with an AMC, and invest every few months, on market dips, if possible.

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How Do Arbitrage Mutual Funds Work?

Arbitrage mutual funds have suddenly been thrust into the spotlight after the recommendations of Budget 2014, which adversely affected investors in debt mutual funds.

They would now have to wait 3 years to apply indexation benefits to their capital gains from debt funds. For durations below or equal to three years, gains will be added to income and taxed as per slab.

Arbitrage Mutual Funds

A hitherto unknown and not-so-well understood class of mutual funds is now in the spotlight for two reasons.

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