Fund Review: Franklin India Prima Plus

From time to time I would like to review mutual funds using Excel tools published. The main objective behind this exercise is to illustrate the mutual fund review process, showcase the utility of the Excel tools and provide alternative investment alternatives if relevant.  If you like the funds reviewed, please consider their place in your portfolio before choosing them.

Fund Name: Franklin India Prima Plus (FIPP)

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How to get kids interested in money management

A few years back, I took my entire M. Sc class to lunch. Don’t remember why. They probably coerced me into it!  As someone who never eats outside, I was clueless about pricing and was trying to get a rough estimate as they wanted to go to a high-end place (relative to the campus cafeteria!). One of the students said, “Why worry sir! Just use your credit card. Swipe karo!” The student was no kid. He was about 22!

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Debt Mutual Fund Returns: How to expect when you are expecting!

We choose a type of instrument almost solely based on the kind of returns that it can yield.  Thus, our expectation is governed by past history. While there is nothing wrong with this, past returns can vary quite a bit, and depends on the period chosen for evaluation.

While it is a good idea to base expectations on past history, only must also understand and appreciate the uncertainty  associated with the expectation. The uncertainty will depend on the type of instrument and the duration of intended investment.

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Ten Questions Every Investor Should Answer

Here are ten questions that every investor should answer. I have inserted links to relevant posts for some questions.

If you are DIY investor or intend to be one, ask yourself these questions. If you have engaged a financial planner, ask these questions to the planner .

If  you have any suggestions that would help us all answer these questions better, I am all ears.

A suggestion: please copy these questions on a word processor and answer them. Include relevant links etc.

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Mis-buying is independent of Mis-selling

Every so often one hears the passionate refrain, ‘I have been conned into buying XYZ policy by my agent/adviser/relationship manger …., what should I do?, … how can we complain against such mis-selling?’

Do such people deserve our sympathy? Have they been mis-sold a policy or a product? Who is to blame? The buyer? The seller or the regulator?

First, some  reasonably clear distinctions.


The act or rather the science of making an informed decision. Understanding ones requirement, narrowing the category/class of product required and trying to choose one from it.

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