How to Select Debt Mutual Funds Suitable For Your Financial Goals?

Since the time my step-by-step guide to selecting (Equity) mutual funds become popular, I have been receiving requests to publish a similar guide for debt mutual funds.

Well begun is half-done. If an investor can confidently select categories suitable for their financial goals, short-listing a set of funds from that category is that much easier. This is especially true for debt funds, since choosing one is typically tougher than equity funds.

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What does it take to do your own financial planning?

Here is a list of ‘qualifications’ necessary to do your own financial planning. This is not a ‘find a financial planner, if you cannot find the time to do it yourself, post!

I am writing this for two reasons: out of irritation and fear.

I am irritated that time and again financial planners and mutual fund agents tell me that, ‘not all can find the time like you to do their own financial planning’! Obviously, they are confusing managing my finances with making calculators and writing a blog!

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How to calculate returns from Dividend Mutual Funds?

In this post, let us consider how to calculate returns from ‘dividend’ and ‘dividend reinvestment’ mutual funds.

This post represents an understanding of an issue which has always troubled me since the (first) manual version of mutual fund tracker (notice the frequent revisions).

I thought I finally had it right in the automated version, until  Mr. Deepak Rao wrote in saying that the way dividends were handled for CAGR calculation in the tracker was wrong.

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Bug Fixes: Automated Mutual Fund and Financial Goal Tracker

Update: April 10th 2014: Errors pointed out by Mr. Deepak Rao in CAGR calculation of dividends have been rectified. Read the related post: How to calculate returns from Dividend Mutual Funds?

Existing users with dividend funds will need to download the new version The inconvenience is regretted.

Current users of the automated tracker will need to make the following changes to their sheets to correct potential errors in the consolidate and goal tracker sheets.

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State of the Markets – April 2014

Are we at the start of a bull run?  Will the markets tank after elections? Should we book profits now, while the going is good? Should I invest now or wait after the election results are announced?

Such questions are on everyone’s mind. While dealing with volatile instruments like equity, some amount of tactical nous is necessary after a few years of investing to preserve the fruit of compounding. So while such questions are quite pertinent do not expect quant.-based answers to be far removed from commonsense and state what you would like to hear!

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