The Monday Roundup

Starting this week, I would like to post a roundup, each Monday with three or four segments:

(1) a list of posts published the week before, just in case you were too busy last week.

(2) a short note on a physics fact. Some readers suggested I do it, so let me give it a shot.

(3) short notes or links to financial stuff I read last week. I read very little, but would like to force myself at least for the roundup post.

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E-book: DIY Personal Money Management

Here is an e-book based on a (nearly) unabridged collection of 20 posts written earlier.  I have not bothered to connect the chapters. I hope that will not spoil your experience too much. Perhaps only a reader who is used to my style and intent might find this collection useful.

This is an experiment. Please let me know if it is a good idea to compile past posts as an e-book.

The following posts are part of the compilation

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‘Passive’ income requires ‘active’ involvement!

After reading well-spun yarn like ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’, many start talking about the importance of financial independence and passive income. There is no free lunch in the universe and there is no such thing called ‘passive’ income. A look at some well-known passive income ‘streams’ and what it takes to make them count.

Income from rental property

If you are earning rental income from ancestral property which you naturally inherited (without litigation etc.) then it is sheer luck. It is perhaps passive, but it unplanned. So does not count.

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How do I reduce clutter in my mutual fund portfolio?

A look at “How do I reduce clutter in my mutual fund portfolio so that it can tracked and reviewed easily?”. Typically mutual fund investors with few to several years of experience are interested in this exercise.

The first step is to recognise clutter. I hold 8 funds. If I posted just that information at AIFW and ask, ‘is it too many?’, there would at least be a few answers which go, ‘yes’. Someone might even offer me advice on the ideal number of funds a folio should have.

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DIY Investor Workshop at Bangalore -Aug 23rd 2015

Ashal Jauhari and I will conduct a workshop on DIY investing at Bangalore on Aug 23rd 2015.  The workshop will cover the basic elements of DIY money management.

Ashal Jauhari is the owner of Facebook group Asan Ideas of Wealth. If you wish to know more about him, you can check out the Interview with Ashal Jauhari: Relentless Financial Awareness Activist

I will cover,

  • basics of goal-based investing with Excel-based illustrations,
  • simple ways to understand volatility, and
  • how to choose and review mutual funds.

After registration, participants will be directed to a Google forms page. Here you can list generic questions or topics that you would like Ashal to speak about/discuss.

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