Rogues Gallery: Tracking Equity Mutual Fund Performance

Here is a gallery of equity mutual fund performance track records created with the updated risk and return analyzer

The risk-return score (out of 100) with 13 risk and return metrics is calculated for different investment durations from 1 to 9 years.

Use the analyzer to determine consistency in the risk adjusted performance of the funds you are interested in.

None of the below are recommendations.

Equity Multi-cap

Templeton India Equity Income vs. BSE 200

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Update: Mutual Fund Risk and Return Analyzer

This is an update to the mutual fund risk and return analyzer which helps you gauge performance of equity mutual funds on risk-adjusted basis for investment durations ranging from the past 1 year to the past 9 years.

Nithin and Nilesh Patel pointed out that the sheet gave an error. Thanks to them, I found that the error was because of the BSE server urls. They had changed the format for some indices. This is a major disappointment as we could easily retrieve the data in the old format. Members of FB group, Asan Ideas for Wealth also helped in testing it and confirming the error.

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Investment Options for Short-term Financial Goals

Here is a list of investment options available for goals which are less than or equal to 5 years away. This is sourced out of my response to a thread at Facebook group, Asan Ideas for Wealth.

I think the first step in goal-based investing is to demarcate short-term, intermediate-term and long-term financial goals. For me,

Short-term goal </= 5 years

Intermediate-term goal 5-10 years

Long-term goal 10+ years.

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The Trouble With Mutual Fund Star Ratings

Mutual fund star ratings are supposed to rate funds on a risk adjusted basis. That is, more the number of stars, better the risk-adjusted performance. If you look at some of the metrics they use to award star ratings, you might agree with me that this is not as easy as it sounds and that the ‘best’ funds need not necessarily carry five stars.

First some simple definitions

1. Beta  is a volatility measure and tell us how much the fund changes for a given change in the index. A beta of 1 implies the fund movement is identical to the index movement. A beta of 0.9 implies the fund is 10% less volatile than the index.

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Report: Bangalore Investor Meet

The second investor workshop on financial planning and goal-based investing was held on April 12th, 2015. While 70 people registered for the first workshop which was held in Dec. 2014, a good 140 registered for this meet. A few did not turn up due to work commitments. One person had a bad cycling accident. Hope she recovers soon.

My only worry as such events draw near is my health. This time I had other things to contend with. A week before the event, my hard disk developed bad sectors. I had to spend a pretty penny to get the data recovered.  Although I had back-ups of important files, losing your computer when you need it the most, is a pain. Anyway, that was set right in time.

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