Here is a compilation of past posts on how and when to generate inflation protected income with a lump sum for financial independence. This e-book can be used by early retirees, senior citizens and young earners who are trying to optimise income for their parents  from their retirement benefits.

This is the fourth such compilation.

Post-retirement planning is a unique and fascinating  genre in personal finance. I was introduced to it when  Subra wrote a fascinating comment to an article in young Jagoinvestor.

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P V Subramanyam, CA, author (retire rich) and blogger(subramoney.com) spoke on retirement planning to a group of about 50 people last year (May 29th 2015) at Chennai. Here are the videos (a re-post).

Note: The videos were shot by me using a DSLR. The audio is decent without a headphone and pretty good with a headphone and mid-level volume.  The camera was not panned. So Subra will step out of frame for a few seconds. I did not know that camera only shoots 30-minute videos. So there will be a break of about a minute or so between parts.

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'Price discovery' refers to the way in which the market arrives at a price for a commodity driven by supply and demand. The government is gradually moving towards a regime of 100% price discovery. That is, interests rates will be marked to market. I think it is high time we promote price discovery of our college graduates and get rid of campus placements.

What is the purpose of education? In my opinion, 'prepare youngsters to face life independently'.

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A provided fund for the general public came into being by an act of parliament in "in the nineteenth Year of the Republic of India" (1968) and has since evolved with the Indian economy. In this post, let us consider the way in which the interest rates of the public provident fund (PPF) has changed since inception. The PPF ACT 1968

The idea is to understand the factors (at least a couple of them) that affect the interest rate so that we can react to future rate changes with better perspective.

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Freefincal was born this week four years ago! A post to say 'thank you' to all friends, well-wishers and readers who have keep it alive.

The site which was started as a repository for Excel calculators is constantly evolving into a portal that tries to understand investor behaviour and requirements. This is possible only because of a supportive community. Without which it would have died a silent death. Read more: journey so far.

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