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Category: Fixed Income

Why are PPF and Sukanya Samriddhi interest rates still so high?!

The government announced the interest rates for small saving schemes yesterday and surprising or should I say unsurprisingly, the interest rates of many schemes, especially the long-term ones like PPF and Sukanya Samriddhi are still too high! Why is the government not sticking to policy? If you are surprised by the title in spite of […]

PPF Premature Closure Illustration

The government has announced premature closure norms for PPF accounts. This includes a rather harsh retrospective penalty which is illustrated in this post. The order was passed on 18th June 2016. Thanks to Basu( for pointing this out. When can a PPF account be closed prematurely? In Feb. 2016, a circular said, “Premature closure of […]

Tax-Free Bonds FY 15-16: Do not buy!

Seven public sector enterprises will be issuing tax-free bonds this financial year. Thankfully, the interest rates of these bond will be much lower than the last issue. Thankfully because that would serve as a natural deterrent. If you are young and far away from retirement, invest your money productively instead of buying these bonds.  I had […]

The Rate Cut in Perspective

RBI surprised everyone by announcing a 0.25% reduction in repo rate (from 8%) yesterday.  The market welcomed this news with a sharp rise. Several self-proclaimed long-term investors welcomed their  prospective notional gains as enthusiastically as they despaired at their notional losses when the markets ‘crashed’ a few days ago Here is a perspective of ‘where […]

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