News & Updates

From time to time, I shall post here short snippets of relevant news and developments in the personal finance space, along with updated versions of calculators and past posts.

May 2nd, 2017: Now you can link Aadhaar to Pan via the e-filing site simply by using your registered mobile. Does not matter if the names are different! Thanks to Basu( for pointing this out at Asan Ideas For Wealth.

March 21st 2017: The Stock SIP Calculator has been updated. A small modification in the moneycontrol page has been incorporated. Thanks to user Leo for pointing this out.

March 21st 2017: We now have 15 Ways to Invest in Direct Mutual Funds. Updated with two more entries.

March 21st 2017: Moneycontrol has changed its web layout. So any sheet that downloads stock or index prices will need a modification the VBA code. You can do this yourself. Open the VBA code and search for

.WebTables = “4” Then change the 4 to a 3. So that line should look like

.WebTables = “3”

That is it! It should work right now.