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Understanding Volatility of Investment Returns with a Portfolio Rebalancing Simulator

A long term investor should: recognise all the risks associated with the financial goal estimate the monthly investment needed (estimate not determine) understand the need for spreading the investment risk (asset allocation) understand the need for diversification within an asset class, choose investment vehicles wisely initiate investments as quickly as possible without worrying about perfection…

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Mutual Fund Calculators

Here is a list of available mutual fund calculators and resources. (Updated Mar. 31st 2014) Flagship Calculator:  Automated Mutual Fund & Financial Goal Tracker Mutual Fund Calculators/Resources How to select mutual fund categories suitable for your financial goals? Step-by-step Guide to Choosing a Mutual Fund Mutual Fund SIP Returns Analyzer Mutual Fund Capital Gains Calculator…

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The Permanent Portfolio: A Fascinating Low-Volatility Option For The Long Term Indian Investor?

Worried about fluctuating stock market returns? Worried about sliding gold prices? Not sure how much to invest in equity or in gold? Here is an example of a portfolio based on an ingeniously simple notion that has proved to be remarkably stable irrespective of market conditions – stock/commodity/debt/currency markets! The Permanent Portfolio in an alternative…

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