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Stress Test Your Retirement Plan

While planning for retirement, we encounter several rates: rate of return before  and after retirement rate of inflation before and after retirement While calculating the corpus required and the monthly investment required, we assume these rates are constant for each year before retirement and during retirement. In reality, all these rates can vary quite a…

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Here is why you should not mix insurance and investment

A discussion on why  one should not mix insurance and investment and buy pension plans, endowment plans, moneyback policies or even ULIPs. As far as regular freefincal readers are concerned this post is preaching to the choir. Most of you guys know and understand why insurance and investment should not be mixed. Annoucement: My second book, Gamechanger: Forget Start-ups,…

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Illustration: Generating inflation-protected post-retirement income

Given a lump sum, how does one generate an income from it? How do we tackle inflation in retirement? Not too long ago, I was under the impression that such questions are asked only by senior citizens.  I soon realized the problem is extremely common. Many children are trying to optimize income from their parents retirement…

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