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Franklin India Savings Plus Fund – A Debt Fund For First-time Investors?

Franklin India Savings Plus Fund can be classified as an ultra-short term debt mutual fund that invests predominantly in floating rate bonds (to minimise interest rate sensitivity) of reasonably good credit quality, making it a reasonable candidate for first-time debt mutual fund investors to consider. In this post, I look at the main characteristics of […]

Why are Long Term Gilt Funds Falling?

Many Investors, especially senior citizens, who purchased long term gilts funds (or their cousins, dynamic bond funds) after seeing recent double-digit returns, are puzzled and even worried about why these funds are falling since the last three months. In this post, I discuss the reasons behind this and how to make sense of debt fund […]

Mutual Fund Star Ratings are Flawed, but Investors are to blame for taking them at face value

Why blame Value Research For awarding Taurus Liquid Fund that is in trouble for continuing to buy a near-junk bond (Ballarpur Industries), five stars (four stars when commissions are removed)? That is like blaming someone because they could not predict a market crash! Download Robo Advisory Template! Create a start to finish financial plan with […]