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Category: Debt Mutual Funds

Why you need to worry about “duration” if your mutual funds invest in bonds

SEBI’s Mutual Fund Scheme Categorization requires fund houses to use a term known as Macaulay Duration to differentiate among debt mutual funds. Here is a simple explanation of what is Macaulay Duration and the more important modified duration and why you need to understand their significance if your mutual fund invests in bonds (debt mutual […]

The Trouble With Debt Mutual Funds

Debt mutual funds are not easy products to understand. The moment a bond can be traded in the middle of a tenure, the risk associated with it are often not obvious.  Regular readers would be aware that I have discussed this at length. To compound matters further, it is very hard to spot mutual fund […]

Franklin India Savings Plus Fund – A Debt Fund For First-time Investors?

Franklin India Savings Plus Fund can be classified as an ultra-short term debt mutual fund that invests predominantly in floating rate bonds (to minimise interest rate sensitivity) of reasonably good credit quality, making it a reasonable candidate for first-time debt mutual fund investors to consider. In this post, I look at the main characteristics of […]

Why are Long Term Gilt Funds Falling?

Many Investors, especially senior citizens, who purchased long term gilts funds (or their cousins, dynamic bond funds) after seeing recent double-digit returns, are puzzled and even worried about why these funds are falling since the last three months. In this post, I discuss the reasons behind this and how to make sense of debt fund […]

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