Download Re-assemble e-book on our 6th birthday

Freefincal was started on May end 2012. So this is its 6th birthday and to mark the occasion I have compiled the post in the Re-assemble series into a pdf e-book. Re-assemble is a series of basic money management steps for beginners and young earners that was started in Nov 2017. Do share it with others if you find it useful.

The journey from 2012 to 2018 has been nothing short of extraordinary – personally and professionally. Freefincal via its readers has exposed me to how diverse human behaviour can be. I continue to learn about finance, web usage trends, SEO, social media, managing a website and online visibility. read more

How to reduce risk in an investment portfolio

Often, It is only when we see a big drop in the stock market do we recognise the need to worry about risk and how to manage it. What if a market crash wipes all the returns I have got so far? What if there is not enough time to recover before I need to withdraw for my goal? These are some practical questions and I would like to consider practical answers for these in a series of posts, starting with this one: How do I reduce risk in an investment portfolio – part 1: the basics. read more

Five short videos from the freefincal youtube channel

Some readers may be aware that I have a youtube channel with about 2000 subscribers. I have finally overcome my laziness to make short 3-4 minute videos as suggested by several readers in the past. Here are four of them. Will try and do more in the coming weeks.

Before we begin, this is the link to a survey on how expensive our schools are. Please do participate. I shall post the results next week.

Did you read yesterdays post: Want to time the market with Nifty PE? Learn from Franklin Dynamic PE Fund read more

How to buy a house with a home loan: Tips to maximize benefits

If you are planning to buy a house in the next few years with a home loan, here are some tips to maximize benefits. Wanting to live in a place that we call our own is an emotional and instinctive need. There can be no doubt about that. Very few of us would have no issues with “renting forever”. However, careful planning and an all-around perspective is necessary to buy the house or property that we desire. A hurried emotional purchase can come back to bite us years later. If you are servicing a home loan, you can share your experiences in the comment section below. read more

How to select an equity mutual fund in 30 minutes!

Here is a video description of how to select an equity mutual fund in under 30 minutes using the freefincal mutual fund screener and if necessary with a rolling returns calculator.  Before heading to the video, it is important to recognise that this is a simple, (some might call) crude way to shortlist funds and pick one from them. It is more important to pick a fund fast and start investing rather than suffer from analysis paralysis. read more