Announcing “₹e-Assemble”: a video series to simplify money management

Dear reader, starting this week I would like to cover the basics of money management and goal-based investing for absolute beginners in the form a video series: ₹e-assemble. Each week I will discuss one step. The first step covered in this post is: goals, dreams and nightmares. Each step will take between 30 minutes to a couple of hours to implement. Assuming it takes about a week to implement each step, in about 1-2 months, your money management will become simplified focussed and on auto-pilot. As always I look forward to your support, encouragement and feedback.


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Why ₹e-assemble? Well, when I want to name something, I simply ask my wife (and I don’t question her). Reassemble means “put something back together”. It can mean this for someone who is unfocussed with regard to money or it can mean rupee-assemble (put something together for the first time) to a young earner. Good or bad, as long it sticks, I am happy.

Why should money management be set on auto-pilot? Becuase you and I have (or should have) better things to do than to worry about money! Our true wealth is health and time. How well we use that little time we have with us and spend it on things that we love will define our happiness and contentment.

Step 1: goals, dreams and nightmares

Remove all distractions and human contact. Get some alone time to think about your life.

Where am I today?

Where would I like to be 5 years from now, 10 years from now?

What are my responsibilities (goals)?

What are my dreams?

What are the nightmares that can prevent me from achieving my goals and attaining my dreams?

Listing this is the first step. It does not matter whether they involve money or not. The list will give us a roadmap and we can begin preparations for each step. Once we complete, money-management will be on auto-pilot.

If you are a couple, I would suggest doing this exercise separately and then consolidate together. If you fear arguments might break out, better to do it together and hear, listen to what the wife wants/says. Better to let the stronger sex call the shots.

Here are some examples of goals, dreams and nightmares. The idea of each step is to make the next step obvious.


Reassemble step 1 - Announcing "₹e-Assemble": a video series to simplify money management

Yup! That is a green board I finally purchased and asked my wife to write (my handwriting is horrible, and I only write math in my classes).

Note 1: Before you look at the video, I must confess that I enjoy talking to an audience better than to a DSLR. It is hard for me to stick to a script and I tend to say things in the heat of the moment. If there are people listening, I tend to think fast on the fly. I need to learn to do this before a camera. Hopefully, practice and patience can heal most things.

The die is cast! Hope you like it!

Note 2: A gentle reminder that this series is meant for absolute beginners. If you think it is good enough, do consider sharing it with someone who might find it useful.

Update:  The youtube video has synch issue towards the end of the video. So I have now added a Wistia version.

Announcement 1: You Can Be Rich Too with Goal-Based Investing, my first book is now available at at a 35% discount for Rs. 258. It comes with nine online calculators. Get it now.

Announcement 2: Gamechanger, my second book is now only Rs 149 (25% off).  Get it or gift it to a young earner 

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