Here are simple ways to check if you are spending too much. Money is meant to be spent .. sooner or later. Sometimes we spend because we want to and sometimes because we need to. Money spent sooner will affect our ability to spend as we much need to or want to later. It might help to put a red, amber and green kind of perspective on the spending process.

First some news: my new book with Subra(, You can be rich with goal-based investing is now available at Flipkart for Rs. 359/- only! Pre-order now!

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When Dilbert cartoonist Scott Adams could not find a publisher for a one-page book on "Everything you need to know about financial planning", he was forced to write a 368-page book - Dilbert and the Way of the Weasels. (Ref: MyMoneyBlog)

You don't even need a page to hold all the advice that Adams gives. All you need is an index card! To all those who have used a library before the era of computerized indexing, an index card is a 3-inch by 5-inch card on which authors are cataloged.

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Many investors appear confused between investing in gold and buying gold. Here is a discussion on when to invest in gold and when to buy it.

Everything starts with the need. If we can clearly state our requirement, the solution often presents itself. Here is an example how to clearly define a goal: Financial Goal Planning: How to buy an Audi Car.

Let us consider common requirements and uses of gold.

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Here is a list of personal finance calculators and tools available for Mac Excel 2011.  The stock analyzer is now available in Mac.

Converting the Windows Excel tools to be Mac compatible is an ongoing effort and I shall update this page from time to time.

I request the support of the Mac Excel community to help improve these sheets and point out errors if any. This is a work in progress. I will be updating this page from time to time with Mac Excel versions.

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I have received repeated request to write about investment options available for NRIs. However, since it is an area that I know little about, I requested fee-only financial planner Melvin Joseph's help. Over to him.


India has the largest population of people living abroad in the world. As per the UN report, 16 million people from India were living outside India in 2015. If you include the person of Indian origin (PIO) this number will rise to 30 Million.

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