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As 2016 draws to a close, a look at some of the personal finance developments that made a difference and the lessons from them. Before we begin, allow me to wish you a happy new year and pray for the ability to make informed decisions. If we get that right, the rest should take care of itself.

Also, this weekend Amazon has dropped the hardcover price on You Can Be Rich Too With Goal-Based Investing from Rs. 375 to Rs. 266 (prime) and Rs. 306 (normal). Infibeam also is at an attractive Rs. 278 The Kindle edition is also available at a discount of 30% at Rs. 244.30 The Google Play Book edition also has the same price. Do consider picking one for yourself or gift it someone who may need it. If you have read it/used the online calculator modules, we would be delighted if you can spare a few minutes to write a short review at Amazon or Infibeam.

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Each December, I conduct a personal financial audit. I take stock of my financial goals and other aspects of personal finance relevant to me. For the last three years, I have been sharing the gist of such audits at freefincal.

The idea behind doing is this to put some context into the several goal based investing posts that I do, not to brag or show. I think the DIY investing community should share generic information on strategies for mutual benefit. And I have always benefited from reader feedback.

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Here are few charts based on a systematic investment in gold. I did this primarily to satisfy my curiosity after a similar study with S & P 500 and Nifty: Buying "low" vs Buying "systematically: Surprise, Surprise!

Regular readers may be well aware of my stand on gold: that it is riskier than Stocks! I had also suggested understanding risks is crucial before buying bonds: Sovereign gold bonds: What you need to know before buying

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Each December, I conduct a personal finance audit. As part of this years audit, I thought of updating my mutual fund investment journey, in particular, the rise and fall of my retirement corpus.

The idea behind this post is not to boast or claim how intelligent my investing strategy is. It is only to study volatility and perhaps point out that simple solutions are enough to achieve early financial freedom.

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Here is a free Google spreadsheet for tracking financial goal portfolios with an option to receive email alerts. This sheet created by Amol Wable, is a modified version of the financial freedom progress tracker published earlier by Guhan Ramanan.

Amol was kind enough to share his sheet at FB group, Asan Ideas For Wealth and allowed me to share it here.

Guhan developed his sheet without focussing on returns and daily email alerts. His thinking is that the user should focus on the current value of the corpus and what percentage of the target corpus has been achived. I concur. For example see:

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