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Talking to my son about money and investing

I occasionally talk to my son about money, inflation and investing. So I decided to test how much he has understood. Here is the video. Also, the video version of Can I start Index investing with 50% Nifty 50 and 50% Nifty Next 50? is now available. Note to Tamil speakers: I am creating Tamil videos of […]

Download a do it yourself financial planning guide

In June 2013, Rajesh Dalmia a certified financial planner and director of Mandar Learning Academy authored an impressive do it yourself financial planning guide for investors to understand the basic features of insurance planning and goal-based investing. He readily agreed to shares his work here. I think it is time that a new generation of […]

What does XIRR mean? How are returns calculated for mutual fund and stock investments?

At some point, after you started investing in mutual funds or stocks, you might have heard the words “annualized returns” or “CAGR” or “XIRR”. If you are interested to know what these mean, how they are calculated and how to interpret them, read on. But first, do check out My Handpicked Mutual Funds September 2018 (PlumbLine). […]