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The great tragedy in the mutual fund space is the temporary closure of DSP BlackRock Micro Cap Fund. So what is the alternative to DSP Microcap? Some common sense perhaps? Maybe asset allocation? No, that is not an attempt at humour, I am serious. Anyways, here is a couple of real alternatives to DSP Microcap until the great fund opens again and why I am not so keen to invest in such funds.

Well, I am keen, but will not have an exposure of more than 10%. Who does not like returns? But risk is the shadow of returns, and managing my portfolio would be harder with the kind of risk these funds pose. Sorry, I don't buy the statements like:

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Most stock market indices widely used in India are what are known as market capitalization weighted indices. That is, higher the total market value of a stock, higher its presence (weight) in the index. The Nifty 100 Equal weight index is one in which all the stocks of the Nifty 50 and Nifty Next 50 are found in equal measure. In this post, I discuss how this index can be used as a mutual fund benchmark.

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UTI Opportunities Fund is a fund with a large-cap tilt that can pick stocks from the BSE 100 universe. Launched in Jul 2005, it has recently hit a rough patch and a fund manager change. A look at its performance.

Like with all my mutual fund reviews, the focus (at least mine) is on the method and the tools used. The fund is only an excuse to showcase freefincal tools. This review should not be treated as investment advice.

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V Ramesh, MD and CEO of MF Utilities (MFU) has allowed me to quote him that "there are no plans to sell MF Utility". This puts to rest (at least for now) the speculation on this matter.

On Aug 13th 2016, I had quoted a TOI article that carried a quote from the chairman AMFI that "various proposals have been made" with BSE Star reported as one interested party.

This must come as a relief to current MFU investors and the direct plan portals that operate via MFU.

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Budget 2016 has proposed two changes to the national pension system. No, it not what you are looking for!!

Change 1:

A subscriber whose NPS account is at least 10 years old will be eligible for withdrawing 25% of his/her contributions (without accrued income earned thereon). Employer contributions (if any) cannot be withdrawn.

This 25% is now tax-free upon withdrawal but will be within the 40% overall tax free withdrawal limit.  Full details of when one can withdraw is here: NPS: Partial Withdrawal Rules

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