Use this tool to compare rolling return & risk of a mutual fund with its benchmark

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This is an update of the rolling return and rolling risk calculator. Download this to check how consistently a fund has beat its benchmark in terms of return and risk. New AMCs, New fund names (open-ended) have been added to this sheet. You can download the sheet from the link below.  Did you know I have two ongoing series on youtube: Generating secondary Income (on Mondays) and Losing Weight in a natural healthy way (Wednesdays). Do check out the videos below.

Do not exercise if you want to lose weight! (Weight loss Wednesday 1)

Want to lose weight? Then do not fast! Drink enough water! Weight Loss Wednesdays (part 2)

The nutrition label (& video) that changed my life!

Do you know what your diet asset allocation is?

Now over to the download.

A tool to analyse the performance consistency of mutual funds

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