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I am not a fan of international women’s day (8th March). I think it is condescending and insulting to women. The biggest mistake one can do is to compartmentalize human behaviour in terms of sex, religion, ethnicity etc. That said, today gives me an excuse to acknowledge one of the most impressive personal finance blogs I have seen:

Be Money Aware

The blog is authored by Kirti S Desai, a software engineer and mother of two. So what is unique about it?

Can you list active personal finance blogs authored by someone who satisfy the following criterion:

1) has not had formal education in the field of finance

2) does not offer financial planning services?

3) writes on a wide range of topics related to personal finance

4) well-established in terms of recognition among peers, been writing for long etc.

5) Is ethical. That is hosts only original content and provides references where necessary

To me the one blogger who comfortably satisfies all of the above is Kirti.

6 thoughts on “Be Money Aware: A Unique Personal Finance Blog

    1. sorru pattu sir,i got it. i came to know about you through subra sir.started downloading, will come back with doubts.thank you

  1. Really very nice blog. And the most amazing part is getting expertise in a topic which is not her main stream. I am a regular follower of bemoneyware after your recommendation. 🙂

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