Mutual Fund Analyzer: Fund A vs. Fund B

Ever wondered which to choose between Franklin Blue Chip and ICICI Blue Chip? Between HDFC Balanced and ICICI Balanced? Here is a mutual fund analyzer that goes beyond mere return comparison. It can be used each time you wish to make a choice or to compare how your fund did relative a ‘hot fund’ everyone is talking about!

Personally, I do not engage in such comparison and do not recommend them. However, many investors do want to do such a comparison. Therefore, I felt it is better to modify the Mutual Fund Risk and Return Analyzer and compare two funds, call them Fund A  and Fund B on a risk-adjusted basis.

Sometimes a holistic view of risk and reward could investors that their holdings and choices are not so bad after all (compared to that ‘hot fund’!).

I had recently used this tool to compare Tata Balanced Fund vs. HDFC Balanced Fund. The tool was first published in Aug 2012. I have now modified the sheet to extend calculations up to 10 years.

Here is a comparison between Franklin Blue Chip and ICICI Blue Chip to illustrate the features.


The input sheet. Fund A = Franklin Blue Chip and Fund B = ICICI Focussed Blue Chip


The results page listing SIP and lump sum returns


Returns plot. Notice Franklin has done well recently


The risk-return score which uses a total of 20 metrics (2 of them SIP and lump sum returns) to gauge funds on risk-adjusted basis. A score of higher than 50% means fund A has done better.


Upside and downside capture analysis. If upside capture >100% fund A has beat fund B when fund B returns were positive. If downside capture <100% then fund A has beat fund B when fund B returns were negative.

Read more: Simplify Mutual Fund Analysis with Upside/Downside Capture Ratios


NAV movement in the last two years with Ulcer index. Higher ulcer index is more stress to investors!

Read more: Mutual Fund Analysis With the Ulcer Index

Latest version: Download the Fund A vs Fund B analyser (May 2016)

Fund A vs. fund B risk-return analyser (old version) (aug 2014)

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Updated: September 4, 2018 — 10:19 am

The Author

M. Pattabiraman

This article is authored by M. Pattabiraman. He is the co-author of two books: You can be rich too with goal based investing and Gamechanger. He is a patron and co-founder of "Fee-only India" an organisation to promote unbiased, commission-free investment advice “Pattu” as he is popularly known, publishes research, analysis and holistic money management advice at which serves more than one million readers a year. has more than a 100 free calculators on different aspects of insurance and investment analysis, including a robo advisory template for use by beginners.


  1. HDFC balanced fund

  2. HDFC balanced fund

  3. Excellent! Thank you very much.! Just what I wanted.

  4. Excellent! Thank you very much.! Just what I wanted.

  5. V insightful. I wish you had written this ten years ago!

    1. Thank you. Ten years ago, I was a zero in personal finance!

  6. V insightful. I wish you had written this ten years ago!

    1. Thank you. Ten years ago, I was a zero in personal finance!

  7. Pattabiraman Murari This articles and your entire blog celebrates the marriage of personal finance with technology backed by Human Intelligence. Wish you great health !

  8. Pattabiraman Murari This articles and your entire blog celebrates the marriage of personal finance with technology backed by Human Intelligence. Wish you great health !

  9. Hi Pattu,

    It is great article and very good comparative between 2 mfs. Is it possible to extend this to basket of mutual funds (example 5 -10) so that in one go, 10 could be compared and results table can show top to bottom based on ranking. It will help folks to take decision.

    Thanks for the great article and excel file.

    Anjani Singh

    1. Thanks. comparing more than two will be difficult in Excel. The file will become large and the processing, intense.

  10. sir there is no UTI equity fund in the list sir……pls include as i want to compare it with some other large caps sir….

  11. Hi, Can you please include UTI equity fund ? Currently there is “UTI – Equity Fund-Income Option”. I am not sure if it is the same fund. I tried adding UTI – Equity fund, in the “Add new AMFI Record” section but was unable to do so. Thanks in advance !!

    1. In step 1 type: “UTI -” (without the quotes). You should see it now

  12. In step 1 type: "UTI -" (without the quotes). You should see it now

  13. Thank You Sir .

    Between HDFC Equity Growth and Birla Sunlife Frontline Equity Growth , The sense of data I get its very tough to make a selection between the two.

    Can any one share their own opinion between the two Fund , if I have to opt for one.

    Thank You.

  14. Thanks for all the resources.

    I assume, one can compare most mutual funds using this template. I was trying to compare HDFC Balanced fund and ICICI Prudential balance fund but HDFC AMC and ICICI Prud balanced fund was missing on Step 1-4. Can you guide me what I’m doing wrong.

    Thank you.

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