Retirement Planner For The Middle-Aged Employee

Are you close to retirement (~ 10 years or less)? Do not intend to change your job before retirement? Then this calculator would suit you perfectly! Go ahead give it a try.

Most retirement calculators are designed for young people. The main aim is to output the monthly investment needed. For a middle-aged person this is of limited use. He/she would have a colorful (if not cluttered!) folio with EPF, PPF, FD, gold, mf, stocks, property, passive income etc. Here is a calculator that allows you to take all these into account.
This calculator was designed on the request of one my first users.

If your retirement is less than 10 years or so (either because of age or assets), I request you to give this calculator a try. Bsesides the above it takes into account EPF balance, a constant pension or annuity and tells you the corpus needed for an inflation-indexed annuity.

NOTE: It has some EPF workings and necessary links. Request those knowledgeable and/or interest in EPF to please have a look and let me know your feedback.
If you are far away from retirement and NOT interested in financial freedom DO NOT use this (why?)

Retirement planner for the middle aged employee (Apr 2014).  Reuploaded after removing a confusing output. Thanks to Ms. Charulatha Varadarajan for point this out.

Retirement-planner-for-the-middle-aged-employee (Dec 2012)


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