My journey: driven by the fear of making the same mistakes again

In Jue 2013, when freefincal had just completed one, I had written an account of how I came to be interested in money management and finance and my money mistakes. This is a mildly updated version for new readers, especially young earners who think they have “started late”. Trust me, when you look at my life, you will feel better about yours. Be it money or education or general living, fear has been a great stimulant for me. Specifically the fear of making the same mistakes again, the fear of being in the same situation again. As I write this, I am recovering from a nasty nightmare where this very fear is the central theme. Freud would have had a field day with me! read more

Eat only when hungry and invest only where necessary

If you start searching for the right diet to lose weight, you might be surprised at the number of opposing theories and options available: “eat no fruit”; “eat only fruit”; “eat no carbs”, “eat the right carbs”, “eat no fat”, “eat the right fat”, ” count calories”, ” don’t count calories”. Makes you wonder if there is any method to such regimes. read more

Business Lessons From The Mummy; Split; King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

Here are some important business lessons from the box office collections of three movies released this year: The Mummy, Split and King Arthur: Legend of the Sword. As a movie buff, I am also a box-office receipts buff and all money information is from (as on June 28th 2017).

Announcement: As readers may know freefincal has an automated stock analysis spreadsheet for Indian stocks. Now I have extended it to cover US stocks listed at NASDAQ/NYSE. Do share the link with those interested. read more

Want To Lose Weight? Eat More Fat!

A “delicious diet” need not be an oxymoron. It is possible to eat plenty of tasty food and yet lose weight! Here is an account of the vegetarian low carb, high fat, high protein diet that I am on. This has lead to a significant and rapid weight loss (for me) with practically no exercise.

This is a follow-up to: How I lost weight, gained it all back and lost it again! Members of Asan Ideas of Wealth may recall that I recently shared a TEDx talk on the subject (linked below). read more

How to Make More Money In India: Forty real examples

Here are forty ways to make more money In India based on real-life inspirational examples of hard work, skill and determination. I asked the members of Facebook group Asan Ideas For Wealth to share details of how they are earning an extra income to supplement their main salaries. I received 100+ responses which make it seem like that there are definitely (at least a)  1001 ways to make more money if we tried. Here is this inspiring list. read more