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Dear friend, can we please take a moment to recognise that the art of doing nothing is dead? We are no longer capable of sitting still for a short while without reaching for our mobile phones, computer, or the television. The art of idling has breathed its last and perhaps the end began as much as ten years ago.

We were simply too caught up in our work, caught up with taking selfies, caught up with social media that we probably never noticed that we have lost the wonderful ability to do nothing.

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Donalds Trump's comprehensive win over Hillary Clinton came as shock to people outside the US. However, if we dig into why a majority of US citizens preferred Trump to Hillary, it becomes clear that despite his nasty personality, the layman could understand what he was trying to say and it resonated with ground level problems that Americans face - which we outsiders can probably never perceive.

I watched the ABC's coverage on the US elections and here some snapshots and tidbits that give us an insight into Why Donald Trump won the US presidency!

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Here are ten interesting facts about how the US President is elected along with some easy-to-understand official resources on how the US elections are carried out. These are links that I came across while trying to learn more about the US electoral process.  Before we begin, I would like to point out that a clear winner need not emerge even if votes after polling on Nov. 8th indicate one!

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Albert Einstein is supposed to have said,  “The more I learn, the more I realize how much I don't know.”. Aristotle is also credited with a similar quote. Applied to what I do at freefincal, that quote would read as, "The more I stare at Excel sheets, the more I realize their limitations". Here is a list of personal finance characteristics that can never be used as part of a calculation (in Excel or anywhere else). Yet, they are crucial to how we manage money and finance our future.

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"Schools suck, the system sucks, everyone sucks". Sounds familiar? You may have probably said at some point in your life - perhaps as a parent, perhaps as a student and perhaps as a teacher!! A discussion on why homeschooling is essential for every child, whether they go to school or not!

Before we begin, a quick clarification that I am not suggesting that a school education is not necessary, that we should get out kids out of that system and begin teaching them at home. It would be silly to offer such generic advice. I am only suggesting that homeschooling is essential for every child because regular schooling is not sufficient.

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