Albert Einstein is supposed to have said,  “The more I learn, the more I realize how much I don't know.”. Aristotle is also credited with a similar quote. Applied to what I do at freefincal, that quote would read as, "The more I stare at Excel sheets, the more I realize their limitations". Here is a list of personal finance characteristics that can never be used as part of a calculation (in Excel or anywhere else). Yet, they are crucial to how we manage money and finance our future.

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"Schools suck, the system sucks, everyone sucks". Sounds familiar? You may have probably said at some point in your life - perhaps as a parent, perhaps as a student and perhaps as a teacher!! A discussion on why homeschooling is essential for every child, whether they go to school or not!

Before we begin, a quick clarification that I am not suggesting that a school education is not necessary, that we should get out kids out of that system and begin teaching them at home. It would be silly to offer such generic advice. I am only suggesting that homeschooling is essential for every child because regular schooling is not sufficient.

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I describe my lessons from losing weight, gaining it back and losing it again! I have always had a problem with my weight. Thankfully I also had a metabolism that instantly responded to lifestyle changes. So in my case, it was a matter of whether I ate right or not.

This is unfortunately not the case for everyone. Eating right/healthy is mandatory. However, that may not be accompanied by a decrease in weight due to hormones, thyroid issues, stress etc. Therefore what follows is not a fool-proof way to lose weight but it will not do any harm if done right.

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The other day, my 6.5 year old asked my wife, "mama when will I get married?". Surprised, she quickly collected herself and said, "first, you need to finish school, get a college degree (or two or ahem .. three!), get a job and then you can get married". To this, he replied, "Okay, then I will get a child and makes sure s/he does not go to school"!.

Ah! The penny drops. The reason he asked the question in the first place is because he hates school. Just hates it. All he wants to do is sit and home, play with toys, watch videos on his computer (he has never seen TV) and dream away his life. Since we force him to go to school against his will, he has sworn (as of now) that he will never send his children to school!

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The mainstream internet is about two decades old. It has revolutionised the way we buy things, transact, pay our bills, acquire and disseminate information and the very way in which we spend our time - I see young guys hang out in the park with their friends while constantly staring at their mobile phones!

However, the huge benefits and conveniences have a downside. Technological advancements often force people to get stuff that they do not want.

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