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Want financial success? Budget time & energy before money!

In this guest post, R. Srivatsan discusses the importance of time and energy budgeting for financial success! Srivatsan would only like to be referred as a “long time reader” of freefincal. Regulars may recall that he wrote a wonderful guest post on the importance of looking at the earnings power of a stock: It’s Earnings That Count: Forget […]

It is not possible to use the internet without being part of someones’ data experiment

Yes, that is right! Each time we get on the internet, search for information, get entertained, use social media, shop online, buy and sell stocks, pretty much anything, we are part of someones’ data experiment! Whether we like it or not, whether we consider it an infringement of privacy or not, we simply have no […]

Eat only when hungry and invest only where necessary

If you start searching for the right diet to lose weight, you might be surprised at the number of opposing theories and options available: “eat no fruit”; “eat only fruit”; “eat no carbs”, “eat the right carbs”, “eat no fat”, “eat the right fat”, ” count calories”, ” don’t count calories”. Makes you wonder if […]

Want To Lose Weight? Eat More Fat!

A “delicious diet” need not be an oxymoron. It is possible to eat plenty of tasty food and yet lose weight! Here is an account of the vegetarian low carb, high fat, high protein diet that I am on. This has lead to a significant and rapid weight loss (for me) with practically no exercise. […]